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WebDAV Working Group Status

From: Jim Whitehead <ejw@ics.uci.edu>
Date: Tue, 25 May 1999 09:19:30 -0700
To: WEBDAV WG <w3c-dist-auth@w3.org>
Message-ID: <001c01bea6ca$5e490180$d115c380@ics.uci.edu>
Within the IETF WebDAV Working Group, work is focused in the following

  * Advanced Collections
  * Access Control
  * Property Schemas

This post gives the current status of documents in each of these areas.  The
documents described below are accessible via the WebDAV web site, at:


Comments on any of these drafts are always welcome on the WebDAV mailing


"Requirements for Advanced Collection Functionality in WebDAV"
Judy Slein, Jim Davis
Feburary 26, 1999

  This document needs some editorial revision to accomodate
  the design change of using bindings instead of direct references,
  and to reflect that storing properties on bindings is no
  longer possible.  However, overall it still reflects the
  goals of the designers of the Advanced Collections Protocol.

  The editors are working to have a new revision of this
  Internet-Draft available later this month, around June 25.

"WebDAV Advanced Collections Protocol"
Judy Slein, Jim Davis, Tyson Chihaya, Geoff Clemm, Chuck Fay,
Jim Whitehead, Alan Babich
February 26, 1999

  This document is now out of date.  The Advanced Collections
  design team has produced several interim protocol specifications,
  the latest of which is available at:


  This draft is the focus of considerable current work, and is
  rapidly converging on a draft which can be sent to the working
  group for a last call.

  The editors are working to have a new revision of this
  Internet-Draft available later this month, around June 25.


"WebDAV Access Control Goals"
Lisa Lippert
August, 1998

  Though it has not been updated recently, this document is still a
  good representation of the current goals of WebDAV access control
  work.  The document would benefit from thorough review by 1 or 2
  people, after which I expect this document will be ready for a WG
  last call for comments.

  Plans for releasing a new revision of this document are contingent
  on receiving review comments from the working group.

"WebDAV ACL Protocol"
Paul Leach, Yaron Goland
November 10, 1997

  This document has not been revised recently, but still remains a
  very solid starting point for an access control protocol

  Lisa Lippert is the new editor of this protocol specification,
  and will be generating a new revision of this document
  based on working group comments, and comments from the Orlando
  IETF breakout session.  This document should be available soon.


"Use of Dublin Core Metadata in WebDAV"
John Stracke
October 5, 1998

  This specification has recently been superceded by an interim
  draft sent to the list:


  John is actively soliciting feedback on this draft, prior to
  submitting it as an Internet-Draft.

"Additional WebDAV Collection Properties"
Alex Hopmann, Lisa Lippert

  This draft is close to being complete, and needs one, possibly
  two rounds of revision to clear up limited areas of unclear
  language (e.g., default document, and structure document
  properties) before it can go to WG last call, and submission
  as an Informational RFC.

  Submission of future drafts is a caught up in the schema
  registration issue.  In my opinion, this draft should go to
  Informational RFC, even if some alternative registration
  mechanism is developed, since the registration mechanism
  will undoubtedly allow for pointers to definitional documents.


Work on these documents is being performed by the Delta-V group, currently
in process of forming an IETF working group (the charter is being reviewed
by the Application Area Directors.  Jim Amsden <jamsden@us.ibm.com> is the
chair of this WG, and can answer queries on Delta-V document status.

Interim versioning documents are available at:



At present, there are no planned face-to-face meetings of the WebDAV working
group, including the Oslo IETF.  The working group mainly needs detailed
reviews of existing specifications, which cannot be accomplished at IETF
meetings.  However, if you feel there is a need for a WG meeting, or have an
idea on a constructive use of a time slot (are are willing to lead such a
session) at Oslo, please let me know.


Right now there are several documents which could use a thorough review.
Taking some time to read through the document and submit comments is a big
help since:

  * It prevents errors
  * It helps improve the language by highlighting confusing parts
  * Allows your experience to improve the document
  * Lets the editors know other people are interested

The end result is a specification of much higher quality.

If you want to get more deeply involved, let me know.  There are plenty of
ways you can help!

Jim Whitehead
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