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RE: LOCK fragments of Web Resource

From: Yaron Goland <yarong@microsoft.com>
Date: Fri, 20 Nov 1998 13:44:56 -0800
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To: "Alex Hopmann (Exchange)" <alexhop@exchange.microsoft.com>, "'Satwinder Mangat'" <smangat@Adobe.COM>, w3c-dist-auth@w3.org
There was work done in this area to support the use of the range header and
the LOCK method. However just trying to support byte range locks turned into
a bottomless pit. What was worse was that we quickly figured out that byte
range locks wouldn't be sufficient. As such the group wisely decided to skip
this rat hole.


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From: Alex Hopmann (Exchange) [mailto:alexhop@exchange.microsoft.com]
Sent: Thursday, November 19, 1998 8:37 PM
To: 'Satwinder Mangat'; w3c-dist-auth@w3.org
Subject: RE: LOCK fragments of Web Resource

There is no way to do this in DAV today. In the future I expect that DAV
will be able to accomodate looking at a single document as a collection, in
which case you might be able to support locking individual parts.

Alex Hopmann
Microsoft Corporation

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> From: Satwinder Mangat [mailto:smangat@Adobe.COM]
> Sent: Thursday, November 19, 1998 4:58 PM
> To: w3c-dist-auth@w3.org
> Subject: LOCK fragments of Web Resource
> Is it possible to lock fragments of the WebResource?
> For example:  There is a XML file. It may have lot of different tags.
> Is it possible to lock some tags or portion of the file? or only
> solution is through the shared lock mechanism.
> Satwinder Mangat
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