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Re: GET and PUT on References: New language for the spec

From: John Stracke <francis@netscape.com>
Date: Mon, 06 Jul 1998 13:57:27 -0700
Message-ID: <35A13A37.BDB06956@netscape.com>
To: WEBDAV WG <w3c-dist-auth@w3.org>
Jim Whitehead wrote:

> The JavaScript does not have access to the HTTP headers. If the
> entity body comes down to the client and is handed off to the
> JavaScript,

I would think that the GET redirect should be transparent to JavaScript.
(Note: the following applies to JavaScript--i.e., Netscape's version, not
ECMAScript or JScript.  I believe ECMAScript should behave similarly; I
don't know about JScript.) As far as I know, JS has two ways of getting at
an HTTP reply: by opening a window and pointing it at a URL, or by calling
into Java.  In the former case, the window will be redirected just as if the
user had typed the URL; in the latter, java.net.HTTPConnection will either
do the redirect or give access to the headers via the getHeaderField()

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