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Various Nits

From: Yaron Goland <yarong@microsoft.com>
Date: Thu, 2 Apr 1998 20:04:30 -0800
Message-ID: <3FF8121C9B6DD111812100805F31FC0D03C4E5D2@red-msg-59.dns.microsoft.com>
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Various nits that we fixed.

7.2_propatch	The first sentence of the last paragraph of section 7.2
specifies that a PROPPATCH must contain at least one PROPERTYUPDATE element,
this is a bug, it meant one and only one.

The current sentence states: The request message body of a PROPPATCH method
MUST contain at least one propertyupdate XML element.

The new sentence states: The request message body of a PROPPATCH method MUST
contain the propertyupdate XML element.

7.10.6_refresh	7.10.6's table talks about regranting and the last paragraph
does as well but this is a bug, it is illegal to ask for the same lock

The current table has a note which states: *=if the principal requesting the
lock is the owner of the lock, the lock must be refreshed.

This has been changed to read: *=It is illegal for a principal to request
the same lock twice.

The last paragraph in section 7.10.6 reads: If an exclusive or shared lock
is re-requested by the principal who owns the lock, the lock MUST be

This sentence is left over from before 06 (05?) when we made asking for the
same lock twice illegal.

7.11.1_lock_token	The lock-token header in the unlock example in
7.11.1 uses the old lock-token format, which I have updated.

The current lock-token header in the example is: Lock-Token:

It has been changed to: Lock-Token:
<opaquelocktoken:a515cfa4-5da4-22e1-f5b5-00a0451e6bf7>'oh	One of the URLs in the explanation paragraph uses ww.
Instead of www.

The URL http://ww.foo.bar/container/ appears in the last paragraph, it was
supposed to be http://www.foo.bar/container/.	Bug, the propstat description is from ancient
version of the draft, the descriptive language and examples are all correct.

The language in is ancient and doesn't match the current usage of

Current Language:

Description: The description section of the propstat XML element MUST
contain one or more empty prop XML elements representing the names of
properties.  Multiple properties may be included if the same response
applies to them all.

<!ELEMENT propstat (prop*, status) >

New Language:

Description: The propstat XML element MUST contain one prop XML element and
one status XML element.  The contents of the prop XML element MUST only list
the names of properties to which the result in the status element applies.

<!ELEMENT propstat (prop, status) >

I have also updated the DTD appendix.
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