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Status Update

From: Jim Whitehead <ejw@ics.uci.edu>
Date: Tue, 22 Jul 1997 16:36:03 -0700
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To: w3c-dist-auth@w3.org

Here is the current status of the WebDAV Working Group.


"Requirements for Distributed Authoring and Versioning on the World Wide Web"
Judith Slein, Fabio Vitali, Jim Whitehead, David Durand
Editor: Judith Slein
Latest draft: May 30, 1997

Judith's recent posts have summmarized recent developments on this
document.  The last open requirements issues were discussed at the Orem
meeting, and are in the process of being resolved by the working group.
Once these issues are resolved, a new revision of the requirements document
will be issued, and this document will begin a working group last call for
comments period.  This comments period is scheduled to last until August
20.  Depending on comments received during the last call period a new draft
may be released.  On September 5 (earlier if no new requirements draft
needs to be issued), I will call for consensus on the requirements
document.  If rough consensus is achieved, I will submit this document to
the IESG for issuance as an Informational RFC.

The current plan is to keep the access control requirements and the
requirements in draft-ietf-webdav-requirements as separate documents.

"Extensions for Distributed Authoring and Versioning on the World Wide Web"
Yaron Goland, Jim Whitehead, Asad Faizi, Steve Carter, Del Jensen
Editor: Del Jensen
Latest draft: July 13, 1997

This draft collects the locking, collections/namespace, and properties
drafts together, and represents the work of the WebDAV Design Team.  A
draft on versioning is being prepared by Jim Whitehead.   Based on the
feedback received at the Orem meeting, I feel that while this document
still needs significant work, the overall design is relatively stable, and
at present it appears that no further Design Team meetings will be needed.
Future modifications to the draft document will be submitted and discussed
on the mailing list.   Currently, there is a goal of developing a new draft
before the Munich I-D submission deadline on July 30.

"HTTP-based Distributed Content Editing Scenarios"
Editor: Ora Lassila
Latest draft: May 31, 1997

This document gathers together scenarios of use of Web distributed
authoring and versioning technology.  This document needs to be refined so
that the scenarios in the document cover all of the WebDAV requirements.  I
am still waiting to receive a schedule from Ora on when this document will
be updated.

Access Control Requirements
"Proposed Requirements for Access Control within Distributed Authoring and
Versioning Environments on the WWW"
Not yet submitted as Internet-Draft
Editor: Jon Radoff

This document was discussed at the Orem meeting, and received significant
feedback.  It now needs to be revised based on this feedback, and submitted
as an Internet Draft.


Orem, Utah Working Group Meeting
July 14-15, 1997
Novell, Orem, Utah

A working group meeting was held last week at the campus of Novell, in
Orem, Utah.  Minutes from this meeting are being prepared by Jon Radoff
(thank you Jon!).  Slides from the meeting are in-process of being
converted to HTML and placed on the Web.  When complete, the minutes,
agenda, attendees, and slides will be available at:


Munich IETF Working Group Meeting
August 11, 1997
Sheraton, Munich, Germany

A meeting of the WEBDAV working group will take place at the Munich IETF.
Current plans are to have an introduction to the current WebDAV spec. (~1
hr.), then have a discussion on container semantics, and interactions with
TLS and SASL.  An agenda for this meeting will be sent to the list in the
near future.  Details on attending the Munich IETF can be found at:


- Jim Whitehead
  Chair, WebDAV Working Group
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