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Re: Access Control Draft

From: <howard.s.modell@boeing.com>
Date: Mon, 19 May 1997 11:36:39 -0700
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H:I actually thought that you could ignore access control completely
H:except for two things:
H:1) how does an author CHANGE the access policy of a resource
H:2) how does an author SPECIFY the access policy of a new resource
H:and that (2) could be defined as
H:   Inherit the default access policy and then do (1)
H:   (There's an unfortunate window when items have the wrong
H:    access policy).
H:However, it should be possible to do (1) and (2) for a wide
H:range of different kinds of access policies.
H:It might be that every resource has a related linked resource
H:which is its access policy, and that the access policy could
H:be retrieved as text/html (in which case you would get a form
H:that would allow you to modify it, if you were so authorized)
H:or as some other representation (which a program that was
H:knowledgable about the structure of access policies on the
H:particular server would be able to directly manipulate it).
H:It might be that access policies should be linked to 'realms'
H:rather than 'resources' where a 'realm' was some well-defined
H:extension set of resources.
H:I'm not sure how the discussion got off into APIs and CORBA,

I've been lurking up until now, but I think I need to inject
something relevant here.  

We've been thrashing thru "web policy"
here, particularly document format and metadata and one of the
things that comes up is that a Web document not only has a 
list of authors, but an "information owner" as well who might not
*be* an author, but *is* responsible for what goes into the document.

Thus, I can see access control information specifying not only a list
of authorized authors/editors, but the Information-owner as well (who
may need to approve changes).

Conceivably, one might even need to account for the web-server administrator
who may be the only person allowed to (re)place documents in the server's
directories (analogous to the "mailing listserver administrator").

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