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W3C Public Newsletter, 2015-10-26

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W3C Communications Team

Record Attendance at W3C Technical Plenary 2015 this week

   26 October 2015

   [] This week, the W3C community meets in Sapporo, Japan for
   TPAC 2015 W3C’s annual face-to-face Membership meeting.
   Participants will coordinate technical directions for the Open
   Web Platform, explore its impact across industries and devices,
   discuss organizational strategy and the future of the Web.
   Attendees will participate in Working Group meetings, an
   Advisory Committee meeting, and a Plenary Day for a panel
   discussion on the future of the Internet and Web with Tim
   Berners-Lee, Vint Cerf, Jun Murai, moderated by Jeff Jaffe; and
   breakout discussions on a a variety of topics. We will be happy
   to be showing Laura Poitras’ Citizen Four documentary after
   work on Thursday. Nearly 580 people registered –a 15% increase
   compared to TPAC 2014 in California. This is our record
   attendance in the fifteen TPAC weeks we’ve organized since
   2001. Although participation in TPAC is limited to those
   already in W3C groups, the TPAC proceedings are public and will
   be made available shortly after the meeting. Follow the meeting
   on social networking sites with tag #tpac. W3C also welcomes
   registered Web developers and interested parties this evening
   to a W3C Meetup.


Web Notifications is a W3C Recommendation

   22 October 2015

   The Web Notification Working Group has published a W3C
   Recommendation of "Web Notifications." Web Notifications
   defines an API for end-user notifications. A notification
   allows alerting the user outside the context of a web page of
   an occurrence, such as the delivery of email.


W3C launches Web Payments Working Group

   21 October 2015

   [] W3C launched today the Web Payments Working Group to
   streamline the online “check-out” process and make payments
   easier and more secure on the Web. W3C’s long-term goal is to
   enable a harmonized payment experience on the web, regardless
   of the device being used and whether the transaction takes
   place in an application or in-store.


   The Web Payments Working Group will create standard Application
   Programming Interfaces to support a wide array of existing and
   future payment methods, and allow payment instrument
   registration and selection facilitated by the browser. Standard
   APIs will establish a foundation for automated secure payments,
   as well as simplified check-out and payment experience. This
   will mean more payment options for merchants and users. It will
   also be easier for Web developers to integrate existing and new
   payment flows into their applications.

   Read the Web Payments Working Group Charter FAQ, the full press
   release and testimonials from W3C Members, including Bloomberg,
   Deutsche Telekom, Digital Bazaar, ETA, Federal Reserve Bank,
   Ingenico Labs, MAG, NACS, Qihoo360, Rabobank, Ripple and


W3C Invites Implementations of Encoding

   20 October 2015

   The Internationalization Working Group invites implementation
   of the Candidate Recommendation of "Encoding." The utf-8
   encoding is the most appropriate encoding for interchange of
   Unicode, the universal coded character set. Therefore, for new
   protocols and formats, as well as existing formats deployed in
   new contexts, this specification requires (and defines) the
   utf-8 encoding.


First Public Working Draft: Internationalization Best Practices for
Spec Developers

   20 October 2015

   The Internationalization Working Group has published a Working
   Draft of "Internationalization Best Practices for Spec
   Developers." Developers of specifications need advice to
   ensure that what they produce will work for communities around
   the globe. This document provides a checklist of
   internationalization-related considerations when developing a


   More news: <http://www.w3.org/blog/news/>


     * 2015-10-26 (26 OCT)
       W3C Developer Meetup
       Sapporo, Japan
       W3C is pleased to launch the first ever W3C Developer
       meetup in Sapporo, in the beautiful island of Hokkaido!
       We invite the public and W3C members to gather for an
       evening of discussions, networking, and free food and
       drinks with the W3C community. Register soon!
     * 2015-11-25 (25 NOV) – 2015-11-26 (26 NOV)
       Share-PSI Workshop: Maximising interoperability — core
       vocabularies, location-aware data and more
       Berlin, Germany
       Hosted by Fraunhofer FOKUS
       The fifth and final workshop in the Share-PSI series will
       address the topic of maximising interoperability: core
       vocabularies, location-aware data and more. The workshop is
       explicitly interested in ideas, concepts and solutions that
       directly or indirectly address the interoperability of open
       data and PSI. As with all Share-PSI workshops, the aim is
       to identify best practices in these areas with a focus on
       Public Sector Information, although cultural heritage,
       commercial and scientific data are also relevant.

W3C Blog

     * Geek Week at W3C
       22 October 2015 by Daniel Davis

Upcoming Talks

     * 2015-11-05 (5 NOV)
       XForms - An (unusual) Worked Example
       by Steven Pemberton
       XForms Day 2015, XML Amsterdam
       Amsterdam, The Netherlands
     * 2015-11-05 (5 NOV)
       XForms, the Overview
       by Steven Pemberton
       XForms Day 2015, XML Amsterdam
       Amsterdam, The Netherlands
     * 2015-11-05 (5 NOV)
       The Next 10 Years of Success - reloaded
       keynote by Phil Archer
       Paris, France
     * 2015-11-06 (6 NOV)
       After HTML5, What Next?
       keynote by Steven Pemberton
       XML Amsterdam
       Amsterdam, The Netherlands
     * 2015-11-13 (13 NOV)
       Developing portable & context-aware multimodal applications
       for connected devices using W3C Multimodal Architecture
       ACM International Conference on Multimodal Interaction 2015
       Seattle , USA
     * 2015-11-20 (20 NOV)
       The Convergence of Digital Publishing and the Web
       keynote by Ivan Herman
       markup forum 2015
       Stuttgart, Germany
     * 2015-11-26 (26 NOV)
       Transforming the Web together
       by Bernard Gidon
       How to Web
       Bucharest, Romania

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New Members

     * Digital Signage Consortium

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