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W3C Public Newsletter, 2015-10-05

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W3C Communications Team

A transcript extension for HTML Note Published

   1 October 2015

   The HTML Working Group has published a Group Note of "A
   transcript extension for HTML." This document describes an
   extension to HTML which explicitly identifies a transcript
   linked to a media object such as audio or video. It was created
   to meet requirements for transcriptions that are described in
   the Media Accessibility User Requirements (MAUR).


W3C introduces an HTML5 XSeries Program on edX

   30 September 2015

   Building on the successful results of the first W3Cx HTML5 MOOC
   (Massive Open Online Course) course, W3C announced today that
   it will strengthen its online course offerings on edX with two
   more HTML5 courses and an XSeries Program dedicated to HTML5 at
   an intermediate level. HTML5 Part 1 is currently open for
   enrollment and begins on 5 October. HTML5 Part 2 will start on
   December 1. This pairing will enable participants to earn an
   XSeries Program Certificate from edX and W3Cx. Read the full
   press release.


   More news: <http://www.w3.org/blog/news/>


W3C Blog

     * New online survey: 5 questions on security from the STREWS
       4 October 2015 by Bert Bos
     * Work Begins on Extensions to WCAG 2.0
       1 October 2015 by Andrew Kirkpatrick

Upcoming Talks

     * 2015-10-08 (8 OCT)
       Shaping the future of Web Payments
       by Dave Raggett
       New Payments Landscape
       London, United Kingdom
     * 2015-10-08 (8 OCT)
       Cooperation driving innovative standards
       by Bernard Gidon
       nexo Annual Conference 2015
       Sintra, Portugal
     * 2015-10-14 (14 OCT)
       The Future of W3C Digital Publishing
       keynote by Ivan Herman
       Día del W3C en España 2015: el futuro de la edición digital
       Madrid, Spain
     * 2015-11-20 (20 NOV)
       The Convergence of Digital Publishing and the Web
       keynote by Ivan Herman
       markup forum 2015
       Stuttgart, Germany

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     * eccenca
     * Texthelp
     * Vinli, Inc.
     * Web Soul Lab

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