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W3C Public Newsletter, 2015-03-30

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CSS Scroll Snap Points Module Level 1 First Public Draft Published;
CSS Template Layout Module Note Published

   26 March 2015

   The Cascading Style Sheets (CSS) Working Group has published a
   First Public Working Draft of "CSS Scroll Snap Points Module
   Level 1." This module contains features to control panning and
   scrolling behavior with “snap points”. The group also published
   a Group Note of "CSS Template Layout Module." A grid template
   can be seen as a cross between table layout and absolute
   positioning, and can also be associated with pages in paged
   media to create page templates. Learn more about the Style


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     * 2015-04-29 (29 APR)
       Eighth MultilingualWeb Workshop: Data, content and services
       for the Multilingual Web
       Riga, Latvia
       In this workshop we wish to consider a wide spectrum of
       issues, ranging from blogs and social networking sites, to
       localization of large corporate or organizational
       enterprises. We are particularly interested in speakers who
       can identify gaps in standards and best practices related
       to the mutilingual Web, and propose opportunities for
       addressing those.
     * 2015-04-29 (29 APR) – 2015-04-30 (30 APR)
       W3C Workshop on Digital Marketing
       Tampa, Florida (USA)
       Hosted by Nielsen

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Upcoming Talks

     * 2015-04-02 (2 APR)
       Web apps: a platform for connected devices
       by Dominique Hazaël-Massieux
       HTML5/Webapps workshop
       Amsterdam, The Netherlands
     * 2015-04-14 (14 APR)
       Web Accessibility for People with Cognitive Disabilities
       by Deborah Dahl
       Philly Tech Week -- EvoHaX
       Philadelphia, PA, USA
     * 2015-04-18 (18 APR)
       20 years of CSS:
 maturity or senility?
       by Daniel Glazman
       Bulgaria Web Summit 2015
       Sofia, Bulgaria, Bulgaria
     * 2015-04-21 (21 APR)
       Natural Language Interaction with the Web of Things
       by Deborah Dahl
       Mobile Voice Conference 2015
       San Jose, California, USA

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