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Ian Jacobs, W3C Communications Team

Announcing W3Conf, W3C's First Developer Conference

   14 September 2011 | Archive


   W3C announces today W3Conf: Practical Standards for Web
   Professionals, W3C's first developer conference, in the Seattle
   area on 15-16 November 2011. Speakers and participants will
   focus on practical, cutting-edge standards that developers and
   designers can use across browsers today. The conference will
   feature presentations by leading experts in the Web industry on
   HTML5, CSS3, graphics, accessibility, multimedia, APIs, and
   more. Seating will be limited, but the event will be webcast
   live with video streaming. Registration will open soon! W3C
   Members interested in sponsoring the conference should contact
   Doug Schepers or Alan Bird.


W3C Announces Online Symposium on Web Accessibility Metrics

   15 September 2011 | Archive


   The Research and Development Working Group (RDWG) will hold an
   online symposium for researchers and practitioners to explore
   web accessibility metrics and develop a roadmap for future
   research and development. The Call for Papers is open until 1
   November 2011. Learn more about the Symposium on Web
   Accessibility Metrics and the Web Accessibility Initiative


First Draft of CSS Device Adaptation Published

   15 September 2011 | Archive


   The Cascading Style Sheets (CSS) Working Group has published
   the First Public Working Draft of "CSS Device Adaptation."
   This specification provides a way for an author to specify, in
   CSS, the size, zoom factor, and orientation of the viewport
   that is used as the base for the initial containing block. The
   goal of this specification is to make it easier to design
   across devices with different viewport sizes. Learn more about
   the Style Activity.


DOM4 Draft Updated

   15 September 2011 | Archive


   The Web Applications Working Group has published a Working
   Draft of "DOM4." DOM4 defines the event and document model the
   Web platform uses. The DOM is a language- and platform neutral
   interface that allows programs and scripts to dynamically
   access and update the content and structure of documents. Learn
   more about the Rich Web Client Activity.


Battery Status Events Draft Published

   15 September 2011 | Archive


   The Device APIs Working Group has published a Working Draft of
   "Battery Status Events." This specification defines DOM event
   types that provide information about the battery status of the
   hosting device. Learn more about the Ubiquitous Web
   Applications Activity.


Last Call for SPARQL 1.1 Query Results JSON Format; First Draft of
SPARQL 1.1 Query Results CSV and TSV Formats

   13 September 2011 | Archive


   The SPARQL Working Group has published a Last Call Working
   Draft of "SPARQL 1.1 Query Results JSON Format." This was also
   the First Public Draft of that document. SPARQL is a set of
   standards for the query and update of RDF data, along with ways
   to access such data over the web. This document describes the
   representation of SELECT and ASK query results using JSON.
   Comments are welcome through 26 October.


   The Group also published a First Draft of "SPARQL 1.1 Query
   Results CSV and TSV Formats," which describes the use of CSV
   and TSV formats for expressing SPARQL query results from SELECT
   queries. Learn more about the Semantic Web Activity.


Last Call: Touch Events version 1

   13 September 2011 | Archive


   The Web Events Working Group has published a Last Call Working
   Draft of "Touch Events version 1." The Touch Events
   specification defines a set of low-level events that represent
   one or more points of contact with a touch-sensitive surface,
   and changes of those points with respect to the surface and any
   DOM elements displayed upon it (e.g. for touch screens) or
   associated with it (e.g. for drawing tablets without displays).
   Comments are welcome through 11 October. Learn more about the
   Rich Web Client Activity.


   More news: http://www.w3.org/News/archive


     * 2011-09-19 (19 SEP) – 2011-09-20 (20 SEP)
       (Third) W3C Web and TV Workshop
       Hollywood, California
       Hosted and Sponsored by Comcast
       Following the success of its regional workshops in Tokyo,
       Japan and Berlin, Germany, the W3C will host a third
       workshop on Web and TV convergence in Hollywood, California
       on 19-20 September, 2011. In the previous two workshops,
       participants identified opportunities for convergence of
       Web and TV infrastructure and began identifying technical
       challenges. This third workshop will continue these
       efforts, with a particular focus on the needs of content
       creators and distributors.
     * 2011-09-21 (21 SEP) – 2011-09-22 (22 SEP)
       A Local Focus for the Multilingual Web
       Limerick, Ireland
       Co-located with the 16th LRC Conference and hosted by the
       University of Limerick
     * 2011-10-20 (20 OCT) – 2011-10-21 (21 OCT)
       W3C Workshop on Data and Services Integration
       Bedford, MA, USA
       Hosted by MITRE
       Integration of heterogeneous data and services has always
       been a concern for creators and managers of services. With
       the emergence of the Web, the need for reusing data and
       services has become even stronger as the number of
       available services has grown. Different services stacks now
       exist from Web Services to Cloud-based services.
       The goal of this Workshop is to bring together people with
       different ways of looking at the issues left unsolved by
       the existing stacks, to investigate the possible paths to
       help bridging services built using different paradigms, and
       to identify points where standardization would help
       integration of services and data.
     * 2011-11-05 ( 5 NOV)
       W3C Workshop on The Future of Off-line Web Applications
       Redwood City, CA, USA
       Hosted by Vodafone
       Off-line use of Web applications is one of the key missing
       elements from the Web platform that application developers
       require. The current fragmentation in this solution space
       is creating confusion among would-be WebApp developers and
       organizations who would otherwise invest in the Open Web
       Platform. This workshop will examine requirements that can
       be derived from the implementor and developer experiences,
       with the goal of informing future standardization efforts.
     * 2011-11-15 (15 NOV) – 2011-11-16 (16 NOV)
       W3Conf: Practical Standards for Web Professionals
       Seattle, Washington, USA
       Primary Event Sponsorship from Microsoft
       If you are a developer or designer wanting to hear the
       latest news on HTML5 and the open web platform, and your
       place in it, save the date for W3C's first developer

W3C Blog

     * Open Web Platform Weekly Summary - 2011-08-30 - 2011-09-11
       12 September 2011 by Karl Dubost

Upcoming Talks

     * 2011-09-19 (19 SEP)
       The Business Case for Accessibility and Evaluating
       by Shawn Henry
       NFB Web Accessibility Training Day
       Baltimore, MD, USA
     * 2011-09-19 (19 SEP)
       Declarative Applications
       keynote by Steven Pemberton
       Kings of Code
       Amsterdam, The Netherlands
     * 2011-09-23 (23 SEP)
       Best practices in developping Mobile Web Apps
       by Dominique Hazaël-Massieux
       Open World Forum
       Paris, France
     * 2011-09-26 (26 SEP)
       The Computer as Extended Phenotype
       by Steven Pemberton
       UX Week
       San Francisco, USA
     * 2011-10-14 (14 OCT)
       Table ronde des navigateurs
       panel features Dominique Hazaël-Massieux
       Paris Web 2011
       Paris, France
     * 2011-10-24 (24 OCT)
       Embracing Accessibility - Go for the Carrots
       keynote by Shawn Henry
       HighEdWeb 2011 conference
       Austin, TX, USA
     * 2011-11-10 (10 NOV)
       Web content vs Web applications - do we want information or
       by Olle Olsson
       J. Boye Aarhus 11
       Aarhus, Denmark

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