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W3C Public Newsletter, 2009-02-09

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Ian Jacobs, W3C Communications Team

Tim Berners-Lee Speaks at TED2009

   Tim Berners-Lee, Director of W3C, addresses TED2009 today in Long
   Beach, California on the subject of Linked Data. Berners-Lee's talk
   highlights the many possibilities that arise when governments,
   enterprises, scientists, and others in the community choose to share
   and link data on the Web using Web standards.


Security for Access to Device APIs from the Web: Workshop Report

   W3C published today a report from the W3C Workshop on Security for
   Access to Device APIs from the Web. Workshop participants identified
   a number of challenges as high-priority work items, including:
     * Declaration of APIs used by web applications and widgets
     * Policy description
     * API patterns and concrete APIs

   W3C invites follow-up discussion on the public mailing list
   public-device-apis@w3.org (public archive). Learn more about the W3C
   Mobile Web Initiative.


Social Networking Challenges Identified by Industry Leaders in W3C

   W3C has published a report from the Workshop on the Future of Social
   Networking. Observations from the fifty-five organizations that
   participated (and submitted 72 position papers) include:
     * By enabling users to share profiles and data across networks,
       social networking sites can grow further and open possibilities
       for a decentralized architecture for the Social Web.
     * Contextual information, especially for mobile device users, can
       significantly enrich the social networking user experience.
     * Many users remain unaware of the impact of social networking on
       their privacy.

   The report highlights the need for an interoperable distributed
   social Web framework and suggests concrete next steps for W3C. W3C
   now welcomes interested parties to contribute to public discussion.
   See video highlights from the Workshop, read the press release and
   learn more about the Mobile Web Initiative (MWI).

   Past home page news...


W3C Questions and Answers Blog 
     * Social Networking Workshop Report by Dominique Hazaël-Massieux
     * Past Q&A Blog ...

Upcoming Meetings

     * W3C Workshop on Speaker Biometrics and VoiceXML 3.0 , 5-6 March
     * Africa Perspective on the Role of Mobile Technologies in
       Fostering Social and Economic Development, 1-2 April
     * More About Workshops...
     * W3C Membership Meeting Calendar...

Upcoming Talks 

     * 12 February, Gijón, Spain: Innovative Uses of Mobile ICTs for
       Development. José Manuel Alonso participates in a panel at II
       International Meeting on ICT for Development Cooperation.
     * 25 February, Cambridge, MA, USA: W3C's Semantic Web in Heath
       Care and Life Sciences Interest Group. Lee Feigenbaum, Susie
       Stephens, Eric Prud'hommeaux give a tutorial at Conference on
       Semantics in Healthcare and Life Sciences (C-SHALS) .
     * 2 March, San Diego, USA: Frontiers in Interaction: The Power of
       Multimodal Standards. Deborah Dahl presents at Voice Search
     * 14 March, Austin, TX, USA: Making Web Widgets Accessible: Tools
       and Techniques. Michael Cooper participates in a panel at South
       by Southwest Conference.
     * 19 March, Los Angeles, CA, USA: Towards a More Accessible
       Browser. Jeanne Spellman, Jim Allan present at CSUN Center on
       Disabilities 24th Annual International Technology and Persons
       with Disabilities Conference.
     * 19 March, Los Angeles, CA, USA: The New WCAG 2: Web
       Accessibility Q&A with the Editors. Shawn Henry, Michael Cooper,
       Loretta Guarino Reid participate in a panel at CSUN
       International Technology and Persons with Disabilities
     * 21 March, Prague, Czech Republic: XML Processing and
       Choreography. Mohamed Zergaoui presents at XML Prague 2009.
     * 22 March, Prague, Czech Republic: Exploring XProc. Norman Walsh
       presents at XML Prague 2009.
     * 27 March, Frankfurt, Germany: Mobile Access – Device-independent
       or Accessible. Dominique Hazaël-Massieux participates in a panel
       at European Accessibility Forum.
     * 29 April, Madrid, Spain: Web Accessibility and Older Users - We
       Are There!. Andrew Arch gives a keynote at W4A2009 -
       International Cross-Disciplinary Conference on Web
     * 15 June, San Jose, CA, USA: Introduction to the Semantic Web.
       Ivan Herman gives a tutorial at 2009 Semantic Technology
     * 15 June, San Jose, CA, USA: What is New in W3C Land?. Ivan
       Herman presents at 2009 Semantic Technology Conference.
     * 16 June, San Jose, CA, USA: Introducing OWL 2. Ivan Herman
       participates in a panel at 2009 Semantic Technology Conference.
     * View upcoming talks by country
     * More talks...

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