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Ian Jacobs, W3C Communications Team

W3C Organizes Workshop on Security for Access to Device APIs from the

   W3C invites people to participate in a Workshop on Security for
   Access to Device APIs from the Web to be hosted by Vodafone in
   London (UK) on 10-11 December 2008. The goal of this workshop is to
   bring together people from a wide variety of backgrounds (API
   designers, security experts, usability experts, ...) to discuss the
   security challenges involved in allowing Web applications and
   widgets to access the APIs that allow to control these features
   (e.g., cameras, gps, address books, etc.). Participants will also
   advise the W3C on appropriate next steps for any gap that needs to
   be addressed with new technical work. Position papers are due 30
   October. W3C invites you to read more about the Workshop scope.


Call for Review: Synchronized Multimedia Integration Language (SMIL
3.0) is a Proposed Recommendation

   The SYMM Working Group has published the Proposed Recommendation of
   "Synchronized Multimedia Integration Language (SMIL 3.0),"
   pronounced "smile." SMIL 3.0 allows authors to write interactive
   multimedia presentations. Using SMIL 3.0, an author may describe the
   temporal behavior of a multimedia presentation, associate hyperlinks
   with media objects and describe the layout of the presentation on a
   screen. SMIL 3.0 is a modular XML application: its components may be
   used in other XML formats. SMIL also defines mobile profiles that
   incorporate features useful within the industry. Comments are
   welcome through 6 November. Read more about the Synchronized
   Multimedia Activity. See also W3C's new Video on the Web Activity.


XMLHttpRequest Level 2 Draft Published

   The Web Applications Working Group has published the Working Draft
   of "XMLHttpRequest Level 2." The specification enhances
   XMLHttpRequest with new features, such as cross-site requests,
   progress events, and the handling of byte streams for both sending
   and receiving. Learn more about the Rich Web Client Activity.


Call for Review: Device Description Repository Simple API Proposed

   The Mobile Web Initiative Device Description Working Group has
   published the Proposed Recommendation of "Device Description
   Repository Simple API." Web content delivered to mobile devices
   usually benefits from being tailored to take into account a range of
   factors such as screen size, markup language support and image
   format support. Such information is stored in "Device Description
   Repositories" (DDRs). This document describes a simple API for
   access to DDRs, in order to ease and promote the development of Web
   content that adapts to its Delivery Context. Comments are welcome
   through 31 October. Learn more about the Mobile Web Initiative

   Past home page news...


W3C Questions and Answers Blog 
     * Semantic Web Applications by Ivan Herman
     * Understanding HTTP PUT by Karl Dubost
     * HTML 5 And The Hear-Write Web by Karl Dubost
     * The Slideshow Must Go On by Karl Dubost
     * Past Q&A Blog ...

Upcoming Meetings

     * W3C Workshop on Semantic Web in Energy Industries; Part I: Oil &
       Gas, 9-10 December
     * W3C Workshop on Security for Access to Device APIs from the Web,
       10-11 December
     * More About Workshops...
     * W3C Membership Meeting Calendar...

Upcoming Talks 

     * 6 October, Nice, France: Les applications et services de
       l’Internet mobile. Philipp Hoschka participates in a panel at
       Internet of Things Internet of the Future.
     * 7 October, Göteborg, Sweden: Webben, Open Source och standarder.
       Olle Olsson presents at DFS-seminarium.
     * 7 October, Tampere, Finland: W3C Semantic Web technologies for
       the OKS . Ossi Nykänen gives a tutorial at The 2nd International
       OPAALS Conference on Digital Ecosystems: OPAALS 2008 at Tampere,
       Finland, 7 - 8 October 2008.
     * 8 October, Kista, Sweden: Webb 2.0 och bortom. Olle Olsson
       presents at ISOC.SE seminarium.
     * 8 October, Hersonissos, Crete, Greece: An Open Platform for
       Standardisation: WWW. Evangelos Markatos, Klaus Birkenbihl
       present at 9th International HL7 Interoperability Conference
     * 13 October, Las Vegas, NV, USA: Accessibility in a Web 2.0
       World. Shawn Henry presents at Web Builder 2.0.
     * 14 October, Las Vegas, NV, USA: Getting Real with Accesibility.
       Shawn Henry presents at Web Builder 2.0.
     * 16 October, Bålsta, Sweden: Klarspråk och förståelighet på
       webben - webben som utmaning och möjlighet. Olle Olsson presents
       at Klarspråkskonferensen 2008.
     * 17 October, Poznan, Poland: The Policy-Aware Web meets Virtual
       Goods. Renato Iannella gives a keynote at 6th International
       Workshop for Technical, Economic and Legal Aspects of Business
       Models for Virtual Goods.
     * 26 October, Karlsruhe, Germany: RDFa—Bridging the Web of
       Documents and the Web of Data. Michael Hausenblas, Ivan Herman,
       Ben Adida give a tutorial at 7th International Semantic Web
       Conference (ISWC2008).
     * 5 November, Aarhus, Denmark: E-gov and the citizen -
       transformation by new technology. Olle Olsson presents at
     * 14 November, Paris, France: La mode se démode, le Style jamais.
       Daniel Glazman presents at Paris Web 2008.
     * 18 November, Sophia Antipolis, France: The W3C Multimodal
       Architecture. Ingmar Kliche presents at ETSI Workshop on
       Multimodal Interaction on Mobile Devices .
     * 28 November, Berlin, Germany: Towards eGovernment 2.0 through
       better use of the Web. José Manuel Alonso gives a keynote at
       E-Government-Standards Kongress.
     * 4 December, Malmö, Sweden: Standarder och Open Source. Olle
       Olsson presents at DFS-seminarium.
     * 5 December, Turn, Italy: Overlapping User Experiences: Mobile
       Web Usability and Accessibility for People with Disabilities.
       Shawn Henry presents at UPA Europe 2008, Usability and design:
       cultivating diversity.
     * 6 December, Turin, Italy: How New Web Accessibility Standards
       Impact User Experience Design . Shawn Henry presents at UPA
       Europe 2008, Usability and design: cultivating diversity.
     * View upcoming talks by country
     * More talks...

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     * Mayo Clinic [United States]
     * SERPRO (Brazilian Federal Agency of Information Technology)

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