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W3C Public Newsletter, 2008-01-07

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Ian Jacobs, W3C Communications Team

XHTML Access Module; Comments Welcome

   The XHTML2 Working Group has published the First Public Working
   Draft of XHTML Access Module. This document is intended to help make
   XHTML-family markup languages more effective at supporting the needs
   of the accessibility community. It does so by providing a generic
   mechanism for defining the relationship between document components
   and well-known accessibility taxonomies. Learn more about the HTML

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Upcoming Meetings

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Upcoming Talks 

     * 8 January, Gijón, Spain: Estándares en la Web. Martín Álvarez
       presents at Curso de Desarrollo de Aplicaciones Informáticas
       (Universidad Laboral).
     * 23 January: eGovernment and the Web. José Manuel Alonso is at
       Virtual W3C Seminar.
     * 23 January, San Francisco, CA, USA: Unifying a Fragmenting
       Market Through Standardisation to Encourage Mobile Web Industry
       Development. Matt Womer presents at Mobile Web USA.
     * 30 January, Stockholm, Sweden: The Semantic Web. Olle Olsson
       presents at JFokus 2008.
     * 31 January, Gijón, Spain: TIC y Gobernabilidad. José Manuel
       Alonso participates in a panel at Cooperación al desarrollo 2.0.
     * 7 March, Tokyo, Japan: State of the Semantic Web. Ivan Herman
       presents at INTAP Semantic Web Conference 2008.
     * 8 March, Austin, TX, USA: Catching up with Accessibility: The
       Basics Quickly. Shawn Henry presents at SXSW Interactive 2008
     * 1 April, Berlin, Germany: Analysing The Importance Of
       Standardisation In Driving Mobile Internet Usage. Philipp
       Hoschka presents at Mobile Internet.
     * 21 April, Beijing, China: RDFa: Extensible Structured Data in
       HTML. Ben Adida, Elias Torres, Ivan Herman give a tutorial at
       17th World Wide Web Conference (WWW2008).
     * 21 April, Beijing, China: Producing XML that works
       internationally. Richard Ishida, Felix Sasaki give a tutorial at
       17th World Wide Web Conference (WWW2008).
     * 21 April, Beijing, China: Introduction to the Semantic Web
       (through an example…). Ivan Herman gives a tutorial at 17th
       World Wide Web Conference (WWW2008).
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     * More talks...

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New Members

     * examotion GmbH [Germany]
     * Nextstage Corporation [Japan]
     * Quickoffice Inc [United States]
     * Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute [United States]

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