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Ian Jacobs, W3C Communications Team

Workshop report: Role of Mobile Technologies in Fostering Social

   Today W3C publishes a report on the June 2008 Workshop on the Role
   of Mobile Technologies in Fostering Social Development. Participants
   discussed how numerous available services on mobile phones could
   help people in underserved regions. Discussion underlined the need
   for a concerted effort among all the stakeholders (including
   practitioners, academics, regulators, and mobile industry) to build
   a shared view of the future of the mobile platform as a tool to
   bridge the digital divide. The Workshop was jointly organized by W3C
   and NIC.br, with the generous support of UNDP and Fundacion CTIC
   (Gold Sponsors), Opera Software and MobileActive.org (Silver
   sponsors). This work takes place under the European Union's 7th
   Research Framework Programme (FP7), part of Digital World Forum
   project. Learn more about the W3C Mobile Web for Social Development
   Interest Group and the W3C Mobile Web Initiative.


POWDER Drafts Published: Grouping of Resources; Description Resources

   The Protocol for Web Description Resources (POWDER) Working Group
   has published two Protocol for Web Description Resources (POWDER)
   Working Drafts: "Grouping of Resources" and Description Resources.
   The first document describes how to publish descriptions of multiple
   resources such as all those available from a Web site. These
   descriptions are always attributed to a named individual,
   organization or entity that may or may not be the creator of the
   described resources. The second publication provides a means for
   individuals or organizations to create machine-readable
   descriptions. Learn more about the Semantic Web Activity.


Last Call: Widgets 1.0: Requirements

   The Web Applications Working Group has published a Last Call Working
   Draft of "Widgets 1.0: Requirements." This document lists the
   design goals and requirements that a specification would need to
   address in order to standardize various aspects of widgets. Widgets
   are small client-side Web applications for displaying and updating
   remote data, that are packaged in a way to allow download and
   installation on a client machine, mobile phone, or mobile Internet
   device. Comments are welcome through 01 August. Learn more about the
   Rich Web Client Activity.


Incubator Group to Evaluate Common Web Language (CWL) in Practice

   W3C is pleased to announce the creation of the Common Web Language
   (CWL) Evaluation and Installation Incubator Group, sponsored by W3C
   Members Institute of Semantic Computing (ISeC), (Japan) National
   Institute of Advanced Industrial Science and Technology (AIST), Keio
   University, and JustSystems Corporation. The group's mission is to
   examine Common Web Language in real Web environments using the pilot
   model of the CWL platform. CWL is a graphic language of semantic
   network with hyper node and is used to describe contents and
   meta-data of web pages in three different type of form such as UNL,
   CDL and RDF. The CWL platform allows people to input CWL using
   natural languages and display information written in CWL in natural
   languages. Using this CWL platform, the CWL will be evaluated from
   multilingualism, semantic computing and semantic web points of view.
   Read more about the Incubator Activity, an initiative to foster
   development of emerging Web-related technologies. Incubator Activity
   work is not on the "W3C standards track."

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     * 1 July, Bokwang , Korea: 차세대 웹 기술 동향. Kangchan Lee presents at
       Korea Computer Congress 2008.
     * 7 July, Linz, Austria: Senioren, Mobile Surfer und andere
       Trends. Shadi Abou-Zahra presents at IKT Forum 2008.
     * 10 July, Linz, Austria: Web Accessibility for Older Users.
       Andrew Arch presents at ICCHP 2008.
     * 11 July, Linz, Austria: Bringing Accessibility to Today's Web.
       Michael Cooper gives a keynote at ICCHP 2008 11th International
       Conference on Computers Helping People with Special Needs.
     * 11 July, Linz, Austria: Bringing Accessibility to Today's Web.
       Michael Cooper gives a keynote at ICCHP 2008.
     * 11 July, Linz, Austria: Web Accessibility 2.0 - Mainstreaming
       Accessibility at a Global Level. Shadi Abou-Zahra participates
       in a panel at ICCHP 2008.
     * 16 August, Honolulu, HI, USA: Hot and Spicy Style with CSS.
       Molly E Holzschlag gives a tutorial at Hot and Spicy Style with
     * 20 August, New York, USA: Multimodal Standards and Applications.
       Deborah Dahl, Ingmar Kliche, Raj Tumuluri present at SpeechTEK.
     * 17 October, Poznan, Poland: The Policy-Aware Web meets Virtual
       Goods. Renato Iannella gives a keynote at 6th International
       Workshop for Technical, Economic and Legal Aspects of Business
       Models for Virtual Goods.
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