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W3C Public Newsletter, 2008-05-12

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Ian Jacobs, W3C Communications Team

Last Call: CURIE Syntax 1.0

   The XHTML2 Working Group has published the Last Call Working Draft
   of "CURIE Syntax 1.0," which outlines a syntax for expressing URIs
   in a generic, abbreviated syntax ("Compact URI"). The specification
   targets language designers who need a mechanism to permit the use of
   extensible value collections. Any language designer considering the
   use of QNames in attribute values should consider instead using
   CURIEs, since CURIEs are designed for this purpose, while QNames are
   not. Comments are welcome through 10 June. Learn more about the HTML

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W3C Questions and Answers Blog 
     * Improving access to Government through better use of the Web by
       José Manuel Alonso
     * Syntax for ARIA: Cost-benefit analysis by Henry S. Thompson
     * utf-8 Growth On The Web by Karl Dubost
     * Past Q&A Blog ...

Upcoming Meetings

     * Workshop on the Role of Mobile Technologies in Fostering Social
       Development, 2-3 June
     * More About Workshops...
     * W3C Membership Meeting Calendar...

Upcoming Talks 

     * 14 May, Stockholm, Sweden: Internationalisering och lokalisering
       -- språk på webben. Olle Olsson presents at Språk och Internet.
     * 15 May, Melbourne, Australia: How to make the most out of
       eGovernment. José Manuel Alonso presents at Web Standards Group
     * 16 May, Sydney, Australia: How to make the most out of
       eGovernment. José Manuel Alonso presents at Web Standards Group
     * 18 May, San Jose, CA, USA: State of the Semantic Web. Ivan
       Herman presents at 2008 Semantic Technology Conference.
     * 19 May, Canberra, Australia: Improving Government through better
       use of the Web. José Manuel Alonso gives a keynote at Web
       Directions South: Government.
     * 20 May, Barcelona, Spain: Fast Forward: Get Ready for Web 3.0.
       Steve Bratt gives a keynote at bdigital Global Congress.
     * 21 May, Sydney, Australia: Towards eGovernment 2.0. José Manuel
       Alonso gives a keynote at eGovernment Forum at CeBIT.
     * 22 May, San Jose, CA, USA: Bringing SemTech Back to the
       Business. Ivan Herman participates in a panel at 2008 Semantic
       Technology Conference.
     * 27 May, London, United Kingdom: One Big Happy Family: Practical
       Collaboration on Meaningful Markup . Dan Brickley presents at
       Microformats vEvent.
     * 2 June, Västerås, Sweden: Framtidssäkra eFörvaltningen. Olle
       Olsson participates in a panel at Offentliga Rummet 2008.
     * 17 June, New York, NY, USA: Web of Data. Tim Berners-Lee
       presents at LinkedData Planet Conference: exploring the new web
       of linked data.
     * 18 June, Nancy, France: États des lieux du Web sémantique. Ivan
       Herman gives a keynote at 19èmes Journées Francophones
       d'Ingénierie des Connaissances (IC2008).
     * 19 June, Baltimore, Maryland, USA: How New Web Accessibility
       Standards Impact User Experience Design. Shawn Henry presents at
       Usability Professionals' Association International Conference
     * 26 June, Frankfurt, Germany: Mobile Internet – the Way Forward.
       Steve Bratt participates in a panel at 2nd NGMN Industry
       Conference 2008.
     * 17 October, Poznan, Poland: The Policy-Aware Web meets Virtual
       Goods. Renato Iannella gives a keynote at 6th International
       Workshop for Technical, Economic and Legal Aspects of Business
       Models for Virtual Goods.
     * View upcoming talks by country
     * More talks...

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