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W3C Weekly News - 10 August 2006

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                            W3C Weekly News

                       2 August - 10 August 2006

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SVG Tiny 1.2 Is a Candidate Recommendation

  W3C is pleased to announce the advancement of "Scalable Vector Graphics
  (SVG) Tiny 1.2" to Candidate Recommendation. With native support
  shipping in Opera and Firefox browsers on desktops, the SVG language
  describes interactive vector graphics, text, images, animation and
  graphical applications in XML. SVG Tiny 1.2 is designed for Web access
  by devices of all sizes from handhelds to desktops, automobile media
  centers and entertainment consoles. Two implementations of SVG Tiny 1.2
  are already available, with more on the way. The Requirements document
  is also updated. Read the press release and testimonials and visit the
  SVG home page.


Speech Experts Focus on Synthesis in More Languages

  Participants in the second Workshop on Internationalizing the Speech
  Synthesis Markup Language (SSML) have published their minutes and
  report. Speech and linguistics experts met on 30-31 May in Heraklion,
  Crete to study improvements to SSML for Asian, Middle Eastern and
  Eastern European languages such as Arabic, Finnish, Greek, Hebrew,
  Hindi, Hungarian, Japanese, Korean, Mandarin Chinese, Polish, Russian
  and Slovenian. W3C thanks FORTH for hosting. Read the press release,
  join W3C and visit the voice home page.


Web Services Policy 1.5: Working Drafts

  The Web Services Policy Working Group has released First Public Working
  Drafts of "Web Services Policy 1.5." The Policy Framework defines a
  model for expressing the nature of Web services in order to convey
  conditions for their interaction. Attachment defines how to associate
  policies, for example within WSDL or UDDI, with subjects to which they
  apply. Read about Web services.


W3C Talks

  * Kangchan Lee presented "W3C 모바일OK 추진 동향 " (The Development
    of mobileOK at W3C) at the 모바일 웹 2.0 포럼 준비 회의  on 8 August
    in Seoul, Korea.
  * Philipp Hoschka presents "W3C's Mobile Web Initiative -
    Improving the Mobile Web User Experience" at MapOS (Mobile
    Application Platforms & Operating Systems) on 7 September
    in London, UK.
  * Olle Olsson presents "Webben från igår till imorgon" (The
    web -- past, present, and future) at the DFS-ITvet möte on
    18 September in Stockholm, Sweden.
  * Karl Dubost presents "Enrichissez vos liens : Des web
    sémantiques au Web Sémantique" at Paris Web on 22 September
    in Paris, France.

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   an RSS channel.


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