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W3C Weekly News - 18 July 2006

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                            W3C Weekly News

                        11 July - 18 July 2006

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Semantic Web Activity Grows to Include GRDDL, Deployment Working Groups

  W3C is pleased to announce the renewal of the Semantic Web Activity.
  "W3C continues to support the advancement of universal sharing and
  automatic processing of data in the World Wide Web," said Ivan Herman
  (W3C). Semantic Web technologies allow data to be shared and reused
  across applications, enterprises, and communities. The W3C Advisory
  Committee approved the continuing work in RDF data access, rules
  interchange, and health care and life sciences. Three new groups are
  chartered for work on Semantic Web deployment, extracting RDF from XML
  (e.g., to process microformats), and education and outreach. Join W3C
  and visit the Semantic Web home page.


W3C Names Yves Lafon Web Services Activity Lead

  W3C has named Yves Lafon to the position of Web Services Activity Lead.
  The Web Services Activity includes Working Groups for semantic
  annotations, addressing, choreography, description and policy as well
  as XML protocol and databinding. Yves joined W3C in 1995 to work on the
  experimental browser Arena. He led development of Jigsaw, W3C's Java
  based server, and served as Activity Lead for the Protocols Activity
  and the XML Protocol Activity. and as Team Contact for the XML Protocol
  Working Group, the XML Schema Patterns for Databinding Working Group
  and the Web Services Choreography Working Group. W3C wishes to thank
  Hugo Haas who previously led the Activity. Read more about W3C.


mobileOK Scheme: Working Draft

  The Mobile Web Best Practices Working Group has released the First
  Public Working Draft of the "W3C mobileOK Scheme 1.0." mobileOK labels
  indicate that content and its delivery pass tests based on the Mobile
  Web Best Practices and are designed to create an effective user
  experience. Read about the W3C Mobile Web Initiative, a joint effort
  by authoring tool vendors, content providers, handset manufacturers,
  browser vendors and mobile operators.


XML Query and XPath Data Model Updated

  The XML Query and XSL Working Groups have released an updated Candidate
  Recommendation of "XQuery 1.0 and XPath 2.0 Data Model (XDM)." Both
  XSLT 2 and XQuery use XPath expressions and operate on XDM instances
  such as documents and databases. The group also released an updated
  Working Draft of the "XQuery Update Facility" which provides
  expressions to create, modify and delete nodes. Visit the XML home


Advance Notice: Workshop on Requirements for XSL-FO 2.0

  W3C plans a Workshop on Gathering Requirements for Extensible
  Stylesheet Language (XSL) 2.0 on 18 October in Heidelberg, Germany,
  hosted by Heidelberger Druckmaschinen AG. The Workshop will be held
  in conjunction with a symposium on Web Printing at the same location.
  Participants will discuss the requirements, features and design of
  a future version of the formatting part of the Extensible Stylesheet
  Language also called XSL-FO. A Call for Participation for this Workshop
  is expected in August. Read about W3C Workshops and the XML Activity.


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