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W3C Weekly News - 13 August 2005

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                            W3C Weekly News

                       6 August - 13 August 2005

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Call for Participation: W3C Workshop on Internationalizing the Speech
Synthesis Markup Language

  Position papers are due 23 September for the "W3C Workshop on
  Internationalizing the Speech Synthesis Markup Language (SSML)" to be
  held 2-3 November in Beijing, China. Attendees will discuss ways to
  improve rendering of non-English natural languages using the SSML W3C
  Recommendation which generates synthetic speech and controls
  pronunciation, volume, pitch and rate. Read about W3C Workshops and
  visit the Voice Browser Activity home page.


XML Query Test Suite Released

  The XML Query Working Group and the XSL Working Group are pleased to
  release the XML Query Test Suite (XQTS). The groups invite W3C Members
  and the public to run this suite of approximately 7,000 test cases with
  any or all of the over 20 implementations of the XML Query draft
  specification. Your feedback will help the Working Groups judge the
  implementability of the XML Query language, help to improve
  interoperability, and help XML Query advance on the W3C Recommendation
  Track. Contributions of additional test cases are invited. Visit the
  XML home page.


Working Draft: Compound Document Framework and WICD Profiles

  The Compound Document Formats Working Group has released the First
  Public Working Draft of "Compound Document Framework 1.0 and WICD
  Profiles." The draft describes behavior for audio, video, images,
  fonts, layout, events, scripting, links and encoding when single
  documents contain multiple XML formats. WICD Core is a foundation for
  profiles based on XHTML, CSS and SVG, the WICD Mobile profile is
  designed for handsets, and WICD Desktop for the desktop and
  high-capability handhelds. Visit the Compound Document home page.


Working Draft: Compound Document Use Cases and Requirements

  The Compound Document Formats Working Group has released the third
  Working Draft of "Compound Document by Reference Use Cases and
  Requirements Version 1.0." A compound document combines multiple
  formats, such as XHTML, SVG, XForms, MathML and SMIL. This draft
  introduces compounding by a reference like img, object, link, src and
  XLink. Compounding by inclusion is planned for a later phase. Visit
  the Compound Document home page.


Upcoming W3C Talks

  * Kangchan Lee presents at the 7th Information and
    Telecommunication Standardization Workshop on 18 August in
    Gyeongju, Korea.
  * Ivan Herman presents at the Multimedia Community: 2nd Work
    Meeting on 30 August in Leuven, Belgium.
  * Richard Ishida and Felix Sasaki present at the 28th
    Internationalization & Unicode Conference on
    7 and 8 September in Orlando, FL, USA.
  * Steven Pemberton presents at Interact 2005 on 16 September
    in Rome, Italy.
  * Steven Pemberton presents a tutorial at an event organized by
    the W3C Benelux Office and ISOC Belgium on 3 October in
    Antwerp, Belgium.
  * Ivan Herman presents on behalf of the German and Austrian
    Office at Semantic Web Days on 7 October in Munich, Germany.
  * Steven Pemberton presents the tutorials "Styling the New Web
    Using CSS" and "Advanced CSS Design" at User Experience 2005
    on 27-28 October in Boston, MA, USA, and on 17-18 November in
    London, UK.
  * Steven Pemberton presents the tutorial "XHTML2 & XForms" at
    Fundamentos Web 2005 (Web Foundations 2005) on 24 November
    in Oviedo, Spain.

   Browse upcoming W3C appearances and events, also available as
   an RSS channel.


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