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W3C Weekly News - 1 April 2005

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                            W3C Weekly News

                       25 March - 1 April 2005

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Last Call: Web Services Addressing

  The Web Services Addressing Working Group has released two Last Call
  Working Drafts. "Web Services Addressing - Core" enables messaging
  systems to support transmission through networks that include
  processing nodes such as endpoint managers, firewalls, and gateways.
  "SOAP Binding" defines the core properties' association to SOAP
  messages. Visit the Web services home page.


Last Call: XML Schema Component Designators

  The XML Schema Working Group has released a Last Call Working Draft
  of "XML Schema: Component Designators." Comments are welcome through
  26 April. The document defines a scheme for identifying the XML
  Schema components specified by the XML Schema Recommendation Part 1
  and Part 2. Visit the XML home page.


XML Binary Characterization Notes Published

  The XML Binary Characterization Working Group has released its
  evaluation, recommending that W3C produce a standard for binary
  interchange of XML. Published as a Working Group Note, "XML Binary
  Characterization" is supported by use cases, properties and measurement
  methodologies. Optimized serialization can improve the generation,
  parsing, transmission and storage of XML-based data. Visit the XML
  home page.


Working Draft: RDF/Topic Maps Interoperability

  The Semantic Web Best Practices and Deployment Working Group has
  released the First Public Working Draft of "A Survey of RDF/Topic Maps
  Interoperability Proposals." The document is a starting point for
  establishing standard guidelines for combined usage of the W3C RDF/OWL
  family and the ISO family of Topic Maps standards. The group expects to
  publish "Survey" and "Guidelines" Working Group Notes based on this
  draft. Visit the Semantic Web home page.


RDF Data Access Use Cases and Requirements Updated

  The RDF Data Access Working Group has released an updated Working Draft
  of "RDF Data Access Use Cases and Requirements." The draft suggests how
  an RDF query language and data access protocol could be used in the
  construction of novel, useful Semantic Web applications in areas like
  Web publishing, personal information management, transportation and
  tourism. The group invites feedback on which features are required for
  a first version of SPARQL and which should be postponed in order to
  expedite deployment of others. Visit the Semantic Web home page.


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