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W3C Weekly News - 18 August 2004

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                                W3C Weekly News

                           7 August - 18 August 2004

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Last Call: SVG Tiny Version 1.2

   The Scalable Vector Graphics (SVG) Working Group has released a Last
   Call Working Draft of "Mobile SVG Profile: SVG Tiny, Version 1.2."
   The draft defines SVG Tiny 1.2, a mobile profile of SVG 1.2 suitable
   for displaying vector graphics on small devices. Comments are welcome
   through 17 September. Visit the SVG home page.


Last Call: URI and IRI Internet-Drafts

   The Internet Engineering Task Force (IETF) has announced two Last Call
   Internet-Drafts important for Web addressing. The documents are
   coordinated IETF-W3C efforts.

   * "Uniform Resource Identifier (URI): Generic Syntax" is written
     by Tim Berners-Lee (W3C), Roy Fielding (Day Software) and Larry
     Masinter (Adobe) with involvement of the W3C Technical
     Architecture Group (TAG). Last Call ends 13 September. Simple
     text strings that refer to Internet resources, URIs may refer to
     documents, resources, to people, and indirectly to anything. URIs
     are a fundamental component of the Web. Read about the W3C URI
     Activity and visit the TAG home page.


   * "Internationalized Resource Identifiers (IRIs)" is written by
     Martin Dürst (W3C) and Michel Suignard (Microsoft) with
     involvement of the W3C Internationalization Working Group. Lifting
     the limitation to a subset of US-ASCII previously allowed in Web
     addresses, IRIs allow characters in the Universal Character Set
     (Unicode/ISO 10646). Last Call ends 8 September. Visit the W3C
     Internationalization home page.


Upcoming W3C Talks

   * Ivan Herman presents at the Web Intelligence Symposium at the STeP-2004
     conference in Helsinki, Finland on 2 September.
   * Participants in the W3C Internationalization Working Group and W3C
     Team members present at the 26th Internationalization and Unicode
     Conference in San Jose, CA, USA on 7-10 September.
   * Participants in the W3C Voice Browser and Multimodal Interaction
     Working Groups and W3C Team members present at the SpeechTEK 2004
     10th Anniversary Conference and Exhibition in New York, NY, USA
     on 13-16 September.

    Browse upcoming W3C appearances and events, also available as
    an RSS channel.


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guidelines, software and tools. Public participation is welcome. W3C
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