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W3C Weekly News - 17 July 2004

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                                W3C Weekly News

                             14 July - 17 July 2004

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W3C Director Tim Berners-Lee Knighted by Queen Elizabeth II

   Queen Elizabeth II has dubbed Sir Timothy Berners-Lee a Knight
   Commander of the Order of the British Empire (KBE) during an
   Investiture at Buckingham Palace in London on 16 July. UK Honours are
   available to all who give service to the United Kingdom. Sir Timothy, a
   British citizen who lives in the United States and is Director of W3C,
   was knighted in recognition of his services to the global development
   of the Internet through his invention of the World Wide Web. Please
   read the congratulations and press release.


Speech Synthesis Markup Language Is a W3C Proposed Recommendation

   W3C is pleased to announce the advancement of the "Speech Synthesis
   Markup Language (SSML) Version 1.0" to Proposed Recommendation.
   Comments are welcome through 27 August 2004. With the XML-based SSML
   language, content authors can generate synthetic speech on the Web,
   controlling pronunciation, volume, pitch and rate. Read about the Voice
   Browser Activity.


XML Schema: Component Designators Working Draft Published

   The XML Schema Working Group has released a revised Working Draft of
   "XML Schema: Component Designators." The document defines a scheme for
   identifying the XML Schema components specified by the XML Schema
   Recommendation Part 1 and Part 2. Read about the XML Activity.


W3C Advisory Committee Elects New Advisory Board

   The W3C Advisory Committee has filled five open seats on the W3C
   Advisory Board. Created in 1998, the Advisory Board provides guidance
   to the Team on issues of strategy, management, legal matters, process
   and conflict resolution. Beginning 1 July, the nine Advisory Board
   participants are Jean-François Abramatic (ILOG), Ann Bassetti (Boeing),
   Jim Bell (Hewlett-Packard), Klaus Birkenbihl (Fraunhofer Gesellschaft),
   Eduardo Gutentag (Sun Microsystems), Steve Holbrook (IBM), Ken Laskey
   (MITRE), Ora Lassila (Nokia), and Lauren Wood (Unaffiliated). Steve
   Zilles is the interim Advisory Board Chair.


W3C Talks in July (continued)

    * John Wilbanks presented at the PharmaGRID 2004 Retreat in
      Diessenhofen, Switzerland on 7 July.
    * Max Froumentin presents at the 4th Workshop on NLP and XML
      (NLPXML-2004) in Barcelona, Spain on 25 July.

    Browse upcoming W3C appearances and events, also available as
    an RSS channel.


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