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W3C Weekly News - 22 April 2002

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                             W3C Weekly News

                        17 April - 22 April 2002

W3C Launches Korean Office

   19 April 2002: W3C is pleased to announce the launch of the W3C
   Korean Office based at the Electronics and Telecommunications
   Research Institute (ETRI) in Daejeon, Korea. Dr. Steven R. Bratt, W3C
   COO, Dr. Seungtaik Yang of the Korean Ministry of Information and
   Communication, and Dr. Gilrok Oh, President of ETRI, are among those
   who attended the day's opening ceremonies.


W3C Offices Expand to Hungary

   22 April 2002: W3C is pleased to announce the opening of the W3C
   Hungarian Office in Budapest, Hungary. The Office is hosted by the
   Department of Distributed Systems of MTA SZTAKI (Computer and
   Automation Research Institute of the Hungarian Academy of Sciences).
   The date of the opening ceremony will be decided at a later time.
   Learn more about W3C Offices.


CSS3 Color Last Call Published

   22 April 2002: The CSS Working Group has released a Last Call Working
   Draft of "CSS3 module: Color." Comments are welcome through 17 May.
   The draft describes properties that authors can use to specify foreground
   color and opacity, ICC color profiles, and rendering intent of image
   content. Visit the CSS home page.


SVG Requirements Updated

   22 April 2002: The SVG (Scalable Vector Graphics) Working Group has
   released an updated Working Draft of "SVG 1.1/1.2/2.0 Requirements" for
   future versions of the SVG language. SVG delivers accessible, dynamic,
   and reusable vector graphics, text, and images to the Web in XML.
   Comments are welcome. Read more on the SVG home page.


Photo-RDF Note Updated

   19 April 2002: The W3C Note "Describing and retrieving photos using
   RDF and HTTP" has been updated. As seen in the demo, the authors'
   system includes RDF schemas, search methods, data-entry software, and
   a way to serve photos and metadata over HTTP.


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