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W3C Weekly News - 19 November 2001

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                             W3C Weekly News

                      8 November - 19 November 2001

W3C Day in Japan, 29 November

   19 November 2001: W3C Day will be held on 29 November at Keio
   University Mita Campus in Tokyo. Conducted in English and Japanese,
   and chaired by Hidetaka Ohto, W3C Fellow from Panasonic, the program
   includes: Marie-Claire Forgue, an overview of W3C work; Tatsuya
   Hagino, the Semantic Web; Josť Kahan, Annotea; Kazuhiro Kitagawa,
   mobile technology; Chris Lilley, SVG; and Nobuo Saito, XML and Web
   services. Please refer to the press release.


Semantic Interpretation for Speech Recognition Working Draft Published

   16 November 2001: The Voice Browser Working Group has released the
   first public Working Draft of "Semantic Interpretation for Speech
   Recognition." Part of the W3C Speech Interface Framework, the draft
   describes syntax and semantics for tags in speech recognition grammar
   that are used to build computer-processable representations of user
   utterances. Comments are welcome. Visit the Voice Browser home page.


Selectors Becomes a W3C Candidate Recommendation

   15 November 2001: W3C is pleased to announce the advancement of
   "Selectors" to Candidate Recommendation. Selectors are patterns in
   the Cascading Style Sheets (CSS) language that match to elements in
   HTML and XML. This specification describes the CSS1 and CSS2
   selectors and new selectors for CSS3. A test suite is available.
   Please send your comments by May 2002 and read more on the CSS home


RDF Test Cases Working Draft Published

   15 November 2001: The RDF Core Working Group has released an updated
   Working Draft of "RDF Test Cases." The draft describes a set of
   machine-processable test cases that correspond to the issues the
   Working Group is addressing. Comments are welcome. Read about the
   Semantic Web Activity.


W3C Welcomes Members at Advisory Committee Meeting

   14 November 2001: W3C held its semiannual Advisory Committee Meeting
   on 6-7 November in Nice, France. W3C Member organizations
   participated in two days of presentations and discussions on the
   range of W3C Activities. If you would like to join W3C, visit the
   Membership page, and consider attending the next Advisory Committee
   Meeting to be held 5-7 May 2002, colocated with the Eleventh
   International World Wide Web Conference on 7-11 May in Honolulu,
   Hawaii, USA.


Third Release: SVG 1.0 Test Suite

   14 November 2001: The third public release of the W3C SVG Test Suite
   has been made to include errata, and to conform to the Scalable
   Vector Graphics (SVG) 1.0 Recommendation. The SVG implementation
   report is also updated. The SVG Working Group invites feedback on the
   tests, and also suggestions for new tests. Comments and suggestions
   should be sent to svg-testsuite-comments@w3.org.


Call for Papers: SVG Open Conference

   14 November 2001: The SVG Open / Carto.net Developers Conference will
   be held in Zurich, Switzerland on 15-17 July 2002. Co-sponsored by
   W3C, SVG Open is a platform for Scalable Vector Graphics (SVG)
   developers to share ideas, examples and implementations. Presenters
   are asked to send a 400-800 word abstract prior to 15 January 2002.
   For more information, please read the call for papers, contact Ivan
   Herman or Chris Lilley of the W3C Team, and consult the conference
   Web site.


W3C Team Presentations in November

   On 15 November, Tim Berners-Lee spoke on "Technology in the 21st
   Century" at the Cambridge Forum in Cambridge, MA, USA. On 20
   November, Philipp Hoschka gives a keynote titled "The Future of
   Streaming Media on the Web" at Streaming Media Japan 2001 in Tokyo.


The World Wide Web Consortium (W3C) is 514 Member organizations and 68
Team members leading the Web to its full potential. W3C is an international
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participation is welcome. W3C supports universal access, the semantic Web,
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