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W3C Weekly News - 21 May 2001

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                             W3C Weekly News

                       Week of 15 May - 21 May 2001

W3C Workshop on XML Key Management Announced

   18 May 2001: Registration is open through 19 June for the W3C
   Workshop on XML Key Management to be held in Redwood City,
   California, USA, on 19 July 2001. Participants will consider the
   requirements for simple key resolution and trust services for XML
   security applications, the XKMS specification, and discuss the
   potential for a related W3C Activity. Position papers should be
   submitted by 19 June.


W3C Team to Present at XML Europe

   18 May 2001: Five W3C Team members will present at XML Europe 2001 to
   be held 21-25 May in Berlin, Germany. Philippe Le Hégaret gives two
   half-day tutorials, "The Document Object Model, Hands-On," on 21 May.
   Michael Sperberg-McQueen and Henry Thompson give the "W3C Standards
   Update" on 23 May. Chris Lilley co-chairs the Graphics track and will
   present "A Comparison of WebCGM and SVG" on 24 May. Joseph Reagle
   presents "The Status/Design of XML Signatures and Encryption" on 25 May.


Web Accessibility Tutorials Announced

   17 May 2001: Wendy Chisholm, Web Accessibility Engineer at W3C, and
   Shawn Lawton Henry of Optavia will give tutorials at the 7th Annual
   Human Factors and the Web Conference being held in Madison,
   Wisconsin, USA on 4-6 June. "Web Accessibility Workshop: More People.
   More Situations. More Business." runs on 5 June, and "Advanced Topics
   in Web Accessibility" runs on 6 June. Registration is open.


CSS3 Module: Text Working Draft Published

   17 May 2001: The CSS Working Group has released a Working Draft of
   the CSS3 module: Text. The document presents a set of text formatting
   properties for Cascading Style Sheets Level 3 including new
   properties addressing an international context. Comments are invited.
   Read about the W3C Style Activity.


CSS Media Queries Working Draft Published

   17 May 2001: The CSS Working Group has released an updated Working
   Draft of Media Queries. The draft proposes a registry of media types
   to describe what type of devices a style sheet applies to, and
   provides for expressions to limit a style sheet's scope.


XML Inclusions Last Call Working Draft Published

   17 May 2001: The XML Core Working Group has published a Last Call
   Working Draft of XML Inclusions (XInclude) Version 1.0. XInclude
   specifies a processing model and syntax for general purpose
   inclusion. This is accomplished by merging a number of XML Infosets
   into a single composite Infoset. Comments are invited through 5 June.
   Read about the W3C XML Activity.


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