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Hi Authors

      RFC 2396 says in secs.

A. Collected BNF for URI

relativeURI   = ( net_path | abs_path | rel_path ) [ "?" query ]
net_path      = "//" authority [ abs_path ]
abs_path      = "/"  path_segments

3.3. Path Component

   The path component contains data, specific to the authority (or the
   scheme if there is no authority component), identifying the resource
   within the scope of that scheme and authority.

      path          = [ abs_path | opaque_part ]

      path_segments = segment *( "/" segment )
      segment       = *pchar *( ";" param )
      param         = *pchar

      pchar         = unreserved | escaped |
                      ":" | "@" | "&" | "=" | "+" | "$" | ","

      Since  you said segment ( *pchar) is zero or more occurance the
forward slash "/" come into picture, this grammar clash with
net_path grammer. could you please explain me how can i differentiate
net_path and abs_path in this case.



can u please tell me //abcd will take it as net_path or abs path.


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