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RE: [Fwd: I-D ACTION:draft-hansen-2717bis-2718bis-uri-guidelines- 00.txt]

From: McDonald, Ira <imcdonald@sharplabs.com>
Date: Tue, 26 Oct 2004 11:01:41 -0700
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To: "'Tony Hansen'" <tony@att.com>, uri@w3.org


I don't like this proposal.  It perpetuates the 'URIs are
a scarce resource' fallacy and it probably encourages
business as usual (i.e., vendors develop protocols and
mint URI scheme names and never register them).


(1) In section 3.2.2, this document says Permanent URI
    schemes must not include hyphen, to avoid conflicts
    with "private URI scheme names".
    So there's a hidden third class of "private URI
    schemes" described (insufficiently) in the last
    paragraph of section 3.2.2
(2) In section 1, without any rationale, this document 
    removes the option for alternative (non-IETF) trees

(3) In section 3.4.2, however, this document refers to
    alternative trees.  Note that alternative trees look
    an awful lot like "private URI schemes" to me.

(4) Provisional URIs CANNOT be documented in Informational
    RFCs, because of the prohibition against publication
    of any Informational RFC "purporting to describe a
    URI scheme" without IESG approval, in section 3.2.2.

This last issue is critical.  The Informational RFC series
has always been open to an 'individual contribution' that
documents a vendor or consortium private (non-IETF) protocol.
Apparently that would still be allowed.  But the Info RFC
for the accompanying URI scheme would be forced through
the full IETF review process.

- Ira

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FYI, the long awaited rewrite of 2717 and 2718 is now available.

You can also find it at these locations in html and xml:


	Tony Hansen
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