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RE: uri, urn and info

From: Patrick Stickler <patrick.stickler@nokia.com>
Date: Wed, 15 Oct 2003 10:06:07 +0300
To: <uri@w3.org>
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From : Larry Masinter < LMM@acm.org >
Date : Fri, 10 Oct 2003 13:23:10 -0700
To : "'Ray Denenberg, Library of Congress'" < rden@loc.gov >, uri@w3.org
Message-id : <001601c38f6c$57e6a880$c3432099@MasinterT40>
> Would you be satisfied  if 'info' were registered as a urn
> namespace (and each category in question registered subordinate
> to 'info', by NISO; as opposed to your suggestion that each
> category be registered separately as a urn namespace)?

> I can't see anything in your analysis that argues against
> that approach.

To add an argument against that approach:

I think it would be more valuable and less work if NISO
were to help its constituants register (and resolve) URN
namespaces than it would for NISO to maintain its own
registry. More valuable to NISO constituents and more
valuable to the Internet community, more valuable to users
of the registered names.

    It would be even more valuable and even less work if NISO
    were to help its constituents register http: URI namespaces
    (where there is no need to help them with resolution), than
    it would for NISO to maintain its own registry, or bother
    with additional resolution mechanisms needed for URNs.

    That would represent even greater value to NISO constituents,
    and much more value to the Web and SW communities, and IMO
    the greatest value of all to users of the registered names.

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