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URN Normative reference link for X3D spec?

From: Aaron E. Walsh <aaron@mantiscorp.com>
Date: Wed, 01 Jan 2003 14:35:51 -0500
Message-ID: <3E134317.9080101@mantiscorp.com>

Hello everyone,

The Web3D Consortium's Extensible 3D (X3D) work is in the final stages 
of submission to ISO (International Standard ISO/IEC FCD 19775:200x 
Final Committee Draft), for which URNs are referenced in the Normative 
reference part of the X3D spec.

In reviewing this section of the spec I've noticed that the current URN 
reference mistakenly calls them "Universal" Resource Names, and I also 
wonder if the reference itself (RFC2141 - Moats 1997) is appropriate 
considering the work that's gone on with URNs since then? Is there a 
single URN reference that would be best (or more up to date) for the 
following specification references section?

X3D Normative references:

The above Normative References section is also available through the 
main X3D spec at:

If there's a single URN resource that would be best for this URN 
reference  (or perhaps a master link to various up-to-date resources 
that's likely to be a valid link for years to come so that the ref 
doesn't break downstream) please let me know so that I can relay that to 
the X3D spec group.

Aaron E. Walsh http://www.mantiscorp.com/people/aew/ 617.536.3279
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