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Useful analogy for URL/URN/URP distinctions

From: Patrick Stickler <patrick.stickler@nokia.com>
Date: Wed, 23 Jan 2002 16:03:33 +0200
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The following analogy, or rather an expansion of it, came
to me during a related discussion on the RDF Core WG list
regarding "what is a resource"...

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On 2002-01-23 12:45, "ext Graham Klyne" <Graham.Klyne@MIMEsweeper.com>

> ... 
> roughly, a URI denotes a function that, when applied to some arguments,
> returns some data entity...

That's an interesting way to look at it, and in fact, a
useful analogy for the difference between URL/URN/URP
is that a URL is a function, a URN is a pointer to a
function (possibly null) and a URP is a constant.


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