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ANNOUNCE: semantic overlap between dated URIs and Grid Notifications

From: Al Gilman <asgilman@iamdigex.net>
Date: Sun, 26 Aug 2001 10:03:59 -0400
Message-Id: <200108261343.JAA7223294@smtp2.mail.iamworld.net>
To: gis-wg@gridforum.org, uri@w3.org

Let me experiment with that ANNOUNCE slug to discourage cross-posting in

** URI folks:  The Grid Information Services Working Group has under
consideration a proto-RFC known as the Grid Notification Framework (GNF), see

 Grid Forum Areas and Groups

The general class of applications or services served by this framework has
widespread use for the combination of the two "information fields"


And that combination is perhaps (we need to nail this semantic bit down,
yet) a sufficient key for obtaining any available further information
related to the transaction which yielded the information passed in the
notification.  Sounds like probable cause for having a URI form for this
tuple as a unit, or at least considering one.

Since the vast marjority of URI uses transiting the Web today can be viewed
just as naturally as service-request parmeters as they are viewed as
resource-identification dereferences, it is likely/desirable that the
'service' identification in the above remain conformant to or interoperable
with reference by URI.

I get overly academic.  The point is that The Grid is a user group which
_will_ be using 'duri' semantics as discussed in


available by e.g.


** GIS-WG folks:  Please see


for ongoing discussion of this Internet Draft.

Please use discretion in cross-posting replies.  Consult with Gregor or
Larry Masinter if you feel you need to sharpen your discretion.

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