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  > After an epiphany with Chris it appears that the only advantage to having
  > a new top level domain is that the urn namespace doesn't use the same
  > roots as the rest of DNS.
whatever top level domain you use - within the Internet proper
everybody uses the same root servers (i.e. servers with SOA for ".")
If you create a new top level domain you just can define your own set
of servers for that top level zone.
If you want to have your own set of root servers you have to create your
own separate (and hopefully well isolated) DNS universe!

(While the concept of root servers is pretty clear from a strictly
technical point of view, those with a more fuzzy understanding of DNS
tend to forget about the real root and call "their" top level servers
"their" root servers;  as the set of servers for ARPA, COM, EDU, ORG, GOV,
MIL, and NET has been traditionally identical to the set of root servers
this may have been some food for confusion in certain parts of the world.)

Ruediger Volk

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