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SVG test suite query (interact-onload-BE-07)

From: Justin Fletcher <justin@movspclr.co.uk>
Date: Mon, 14 May 2001 16:43:17 +0100
To: svg-testsuite-comments@w3.org
Message-Id: <gmail-v1.38.7a98d478.1754a.1@zeus.glasgow.riscos.com>

I'm just going through the test suite with my SVG converter. I've
just implemented resizing of nested svg elements according to the
width and height specified.

This seems to work most of the time, but I don't understand what
happens with rectangle 4 on test interact-onload-BE-07.

This says :

    <g transform="translate(62.5,195)">
      <svg width="200" height="200" onload="onEvent(evt, 'Rect4', 'visible')">
        <rect id="Rect4" width="75" height="75" style="visibility:hidden"/>
      <text x="37.5" y="90" style="fill:red">4: Yes</text>

The event script merely toggles the visibility, and so shouldn't have
any effect on the size of the rectangle.

What I end up with is a 200x200 rectangle, because the 75x75 rectangle
has been rescaled to the size specified by the svg width and height
attributes. This means that rectangle 4 covers just under half the
horizontal and vertical size of the diagram (the whole diagram being
450x450). It implies that I've misunderstood something, but from the
specification and examples I can't see what.

If the width and height are merely the rendering area that it should
cover, then some of the earlier examples would fail. If it's intended
that the original rectangle has 0x0 size because it is marked with
visibility:hidden then... that's very strange - it would imply that
invisible elements could not be scaled by their parents...

Have I misunderstood something ?

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