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From: <Bernard.Snyers@ionicsoft.com>
Date: Thu, 10 Aug 2000 06:23:14 GMT
To: svg-testsuite-comments@w3.org
Message-ID: <OF7E789D92.0C531F37-ONC1256937.002231BD@ionicsoft.com>
Here some comments about the structure-allElements-BE-09.svg test.
Comments are directly included in an excerpt of the svg file and are
prefixed with !!!!!

<svg   id="structure-allElements-BE-09"  width="450" height="450" >

<title id="test-title">structure-allElements-BE-09</title>
<desc id="test-desc">The purpose of this test so it test all the structure
elements referenced in chapter 6 in one test file</desc>

====================================================================== -->
<!-- Content of Test Case follows...
===================== -->
====================================================================== -->

<g    id="test-body-content">

     <g id="square1">
          <symbol id="symbol1">
              <image id="image1" x="0" y="0" width="225" height="225"
xlink:href="image1.jpg" />
               <use x="0" y="0" width="225" height="225" xlink:href="
#image1" />

     <g id="square2">
              <linearGradient id="Gradient01" x1="225" y1="0" x2="450" y2
                <stop offset="50%" style="stop-color:red"/>
                 <rect x="225" y="0" width="225" height="225" style
="fill:url(#Gradient01)" />

         <svg id="square3" x="0" y="225" width="225" height="225">
          <rect style="fill:cyan" x="0" y="225" width="225" height="225" />
!!!!!  To achieve what the png file shows, the rect should be defined as
!!!!!      <rect style="fill:cyan" x="0" y="0" width="225" height="225" />
!!!!!  As the sgv element established a new viewport at (0,225,225,225);


      <g id="square4">

         <switch system-required="org.w3c.static" system-language="en">
          <rect style="fill:red" x="225" y="225" width="225" height="225"
system-required="org.w3c.static" system-language=""/>
          <rect style="fill:blue" x="225" y="225" width="225" height="225"
system-required="org.w3c.static" system-language=""/>
          <rect style="fill:green" x="225" y="225" width="225" height="225"
system-required="org.w3c.static" system-language="en"/>
          <rect style="fill:yellow" x="225" y="225" width="225" height
="225" system-required="org.w3c.static" system-language=""/>

!!!!!!   You expect the green square to be displayed. But it will be only
displayed if the user-agent supports
!!!!!!   the english language and not because you set system-language="en"
on the switch statement.
!!!!!!   You should redefine this part of the test to have several area
associated to any language (""), to
!!!!!!   several widely used languages (en,fr.....) and the last one
associated to all languages.
!!!!!!   The rect should embed a text containing the language used.


Bernard SNYERS
Received on Thursday, 10 August 2000 02:25:05 UTC

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