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Re: [Optional] in parameters list

From: Robin Berjon <robin@berjon.com>
Date: Fri, 8 Apr 2011 11:33:22 +0200
Cc: spec-prod@w3.org
Message-Id: <D44BC164-A393-40C5-9C3E-431C8FD87AB3@berjon.com>
To: Hallvord R. M. Steen <hallvord@opera.com>
On Apr 7, 2011, at 22:12 , Hallvord R. M. Steen wrote:
> Minor question: why is there a red X in the "optional" column here:
> http://dev.w3.org/2006/webapi/clipops/clipops.html#widl-clipboardData-clearData
> when it clearly has an [Optional] tag in the IDL?

ReSpec (which I'm assuming you're using since I see the stylesheet and some artefacts) doesn't recognise [Optional], and in fact my understanding is that it's been dropped from WebIDL a while back. There is now an "optional" keyword for that. I think you want:

  boolean clearData (optional DOMString type);

Note that you can also skip the "in" since WebIDL doesn't have out or inout. (You can also tell ReSpec not to generate it by setting NoIDLIn to true  this might become the default at some point since it makes more sense).

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