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RE: who manages xmlspec?

From: Ishida, Richard <Richard.Ishida@gbr.xerox.com>
Date: Mon, 14 Jan 2002 17:24:11 -0000
Message-ID: <8EAC52A94CD8D411A01000805FBB3776024CEBFC@gbrwgcms02.wgc.gbr.xerox.com>
To: "'Eve L. Maler'" <eve.maler@sun.com>, spec-prod@w3.org
Cc: "'Editors'" <i18n-editor@w3.org>
Yves, Sabine, Max,

The i18n Working Group recently reverted the Character Model WD to XML.  We
made some changes to the DTD and XSL to meet our needs: including creating
XHTML output in UTF-8.  Its not perfect, but I thought it would be good to
share this.  

A list of changes to DTD and XSL is given below.  There are also additional
files to support editing in XMetal 2.1.

You can find the following files at

xmlspec-CM.css (for XMetal rendering)


The enclosed documents below provide some documentation.  (One is a copy of
the XML Spec documentation I have doctored slightly and applied new styling
too (just add graphics).  I found the new layout makes it much easier to
look things up in hardcopy form.)

	19 Dec 2001: (richard.ishida@gbr.xerox.com)
	- additional.css: added css declarations to this document, rather
than using a separate file (to get around the pubrules requirement that the
W3C stylesheet is the last one called)
	- ipr-notice: changed ipr-notice link to ipr-notice-20000612 in all
(3) locations
	14 Dec 2001: (richard.ishida@gbr.xerox.com)
	- olist, ulist: because a list may be a child of req and not just p,
changed the validity.hacks transforms
	- abstract, status: corrected duplicate assignment of id 
	- created anchor element for list items if an id was assigned in the
	- created anchor element for notes and examples if an id was
assigned in the xml

	12 Dec 2001: (richard.ishida@gbr.xerox.com)
	- output: changed to output as xhtml
	- general: for every <a> with name=, added id= with same attr value
	- general: lowercased all element and attribute names in output
	- ednote: made appear using <span class="editor-note">
	- example: if first child is p and no head, heading 'EXAMPLE: '
appears *inline* at beginning of first p
		otherwise 'EXAMPLE:' appears in its own block
		heading 'EXAMPLE: ' wrapped with <span class="example-head">
	- note: if first child is p, heading 'NOTE: ' appears *inline* at
beginning of first p
		otherwise 'NOTE:' appears in its own block
		heading 'NOTE: ' wrapped with <span class="note-head">
		NB: CharMod commonly uses notes for informative text
	- graphic: added code to deal with height and width attributes
	- item: added name= and id= attributes to allow linking to list
		added <span class="req"> to highlight if part of a
	- kw: changed <b> to <span class="keyword"> to allow more
flexibility in presentation
	- olist, ulist: used $validity.hacks to close off <span class="req">
and start again if a requirement includes a list
	- del, ins: added code to deal with these new elements (expectation
that all ins and del markup will be removed prior to publication)
	- quote: surrounded with <span class="quote"> to allow for
alternative styling (CharMod italicises the text)
	- html and head elements:
		- changed document declaration for xhtml
		- added xml:lang to html tag
		- added charset declaration, set to utf-8
		- made the default stylesheet link relative
		- removed internal css (added to local css file mentioned
		- linked to local css file (that currently overwrites
everything in the default for CharMod)
		- added link to javascript file and constructs to allow for
hiding/showing redlining (this will be removed prior to publication)
	- term: replaced <b> with <span class="term"> to allow for
flexibility in rendering
	- added new templates to deal with the following new elements:
		- req
		- qterm
		- qchar
		- rfc2119
		- uname
		- abbr
		- acronym
		- figure (includes its own caption handling at the moment)
		- image

12 Dec 2001
	- %illus.class: added image and figure
	- %termdef.class: added abbr and acronym
	- %local.emph.class: added del and ins
	- %tech.class: added qterm, qchar, rfc2119, and uname
	- p: added req
	- graphic: added attributes height and width - CharMod doesn't use
the alt attribute - this is replaced by an alt element that is part of image
	- td, th: changed rowspan and colspan from NMTOKEN '1' to #IMPLIED
	- added the following new elements:
		- ins
		- del
		- req plus req-type, req-text
		- rfc2119
		- qterm
		- qchar
		- abbr
		- acronym
		- uname
		- figure plus image plus alt


Richard Ishida
Globalisation Consultant,
International Document & User Interface Design
Xerox GKLS
tel: +44 1707 353395 (Voicemail always available)

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> From: Eve L. Maler [mailto:eve.maler@sun.com]
> Sent: 02 January 2002 15:35
> To: spec-prod@w3.org
> Subject: Re: who manages xmlspec?
> Hello Max,
> I'm nominally the maintainer of the DTD, but have not been 
> able to devote 
> time to it for quite a while.  Norm has made some corrections 
> when they've 
> been absolutely necessary, but that's about it.  (Norm maintains the 
> stylesheets fairly actively.)
> A colleague of mine, Sabine Ocker, has agreed to be the point 
> person for 
> changes to the XMLspec DTD to help ensure that they're done 
> in a consistent 
> manner.  She's been following this list for a couple of 
> months now.  She's 
> ready to start taking an active role in fielding DTD requests 
> and making 
> changes; there are quite a few requests for enhancement that 
> have been 
> piling up.
> Your id/name request is related to the stylesheets, right?  
> I'll assume 
> that Norm will follow up on that one.
>          Eve
> At 02:03 PM 1/2/02 +0100, Max Froumentin wrote:
> >The last round of publications has shown that the xmlspec DTD and
> >stylesheets are somewhat out of date with respect to new publication
> >rules, and that it would help future drafts if they were updated.  To
> >name a couple of issues: id and name attributes on headers 
> and link to
> >errata are missing in the current CVS. I've sent a patch for the
> >former but it hasn't been checked in or refused. So I'm wondering if
> >Norm or Eve still maintain it or whether it is left to 
> contributors to
> >commit new stuff (in which case I will update it).
> >
> >Max.
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> Eve Maler                                    +1 781 442 3190
> Sun Microsystems XML Technology Center   eve.maler @ sun.com

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