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Re: Errata link in specs [was: Re: Use of pronouns in style doc]

From: Eve L. Maler <eve.maler@sun.com>
Date: Wed, 17 Oct 2001 10:26:04 -0400
Message-Id: <>
To: spec-prod@w3.org
I have to admit that I've fallen down on the job; I've been meaning to do a 
comprehensive XMLspec update for at least a year now.  I've collected a ton 
of RFEs, and was thinking about doing a backwards-compatible minor update 
(to V2.2) before considering any of the backwards-*in*compatible options 
(which would require a V3.0).

At the same time, I've been feeling like XMLspec was already going in the 
direction of being a "kitchen sink" DTD -- it's really hard to decide *not* 
to add features, so it grows.  A V2.2 might exacerbate the problem, so it's 
probably a good time to re-examine our premises about what it should be.

Philippe brings up the idea of possibly merging DocBook and XMLspec.  I 
think this would be a very worthwhile discussion, even if the result is to 
make them much more loosely coupled (e.g. an XMLspec hierarchy/metadata 
module vs. a DocBook hierarchy/metadata module on top of a DocBook-like 
information pool?).

In a separate message I'll send out my current list of XMLspec RFEs...  I'm 
pretty sure it's not complete, but it should cover about a year's worth of 


At 11:43 PM 10/16/01 +0100, David Carlisle wrote:

> > Speaking of changing xmlspec, would it be a good occasion to sync the
> > existing variants with the original one?
>There are some outstanding additions that would be useful for the mathml
>spec as well (relating mainly to inline graphics, if I recall).
>If it would be useful I'll try to generate a list of things we added
>(this isn't entirely trivial as mathml is an extended version of xmlspec
>version 1 and most of the features got added in version 2 but not
>necessarily with the same syntax, but I'd like to get the sources back
>as far as possible to the current xmlspec, just in case we ever get the
>urge to do a mathml3.)

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