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About translating...

From: Muharemagic Mirsad <ui.muha@bih.net.ba>
Date: Sun, 8 Aug 1999 00:05:45 +0200
Message-ID: <000801bee121$00e91c00$0629dec3@k7i4b6>
To: <smil-editors@w3.org>
Dear W3C,

I noticed you want to find people who will translate SMIL document into other languages. Well, I am very interested in doing this. As my e-mail address says I come from Bosnia (.BA), from town called Tuzla. I didn't quite understand what do you want translated the document about SMIL, or the SMIL. If it's the document I am ready to translate it, but if it's the SMIL, it would be much harder, but I would do it anyway (at least try). I would translate it into Bosnian language or Croatian (It's the same anyway), or both if you want (Totally same). There wouldn't be any mistypings or errors (As I have very good software of Bosnian and Croatian authors together that looks for any kind of errors in the text). So, if you are interested in my translating into Bosnian or Croatian language plase let me know, or if you are not, let me know also. Oh, and by the way please tell me if this is payed or for free, I am doing it anyway (for money, or for help to you). Thank you!


        Mirsad Muharemagic from Bosnia (ui.muha@bih.net.ba)
Received on Saturday, 7 August 1999 18:05:28 UTC

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