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From: James Minella <jminella@tpg.com.au>
Date: Sun, 20 Feb 2011 21:28:17 +0000
Message-Id: <000001cbcf60$1926e2e0$4b74a8a0$@com.au>
To: <site-comments@w3.org>
                 I havenít actually spent a long time looking into  
every single part of the basic regulations and requirements etc. and  
as I secondary school student I know a few different principals etc. I  
have one proposal for W3 and all of the internet Iíd like to put  
forward to you as a start. It may be poorly worded and not 100%  
correct but try to bear with my 14 year old, assignment filed brain.

As we all know the world is full of Eco friendly campaigns etc. to try  
and stop global warming and other doomsday like theories. Accompanying  
this is the electricity use of the colour white being about 3 or 4  
times more electricity churning than black or a single colour.

My proposal is to FORCE a new regulation in, in which NO WEBSITE may  
use PURE WHITE BACKGROUND and NO BROWSER may choose it as the DEFAULT  
COLOUR also. Iím not saying that we should go insane and turn it into  
pink or black because that is completely stupid and horrendous on the  
eyesight and issues associated with long term computer use. All that  
Iím suggesting is that instead of white as it is chewing up so much  
extra power that the minimum colour be maybe 10-25% off pure white  
with black thrown in instead.

Now before I continue, I know some people may argue that this is going  
to destroy most websites as they rely on white to make contrasting  
more effective and it easier to read text. IF say a site like Google  
only has White taking up 90% of the screen with the rest being the  
search engines bar and option tab they are wasting a huge amount of  
electricity especially if the site is getting over 34000 searches per  
second or approx 1.058 Trillion searches per year.  Other popular  
sites like Twitter, Facebook, Myspace etc. all are also hitting  
similar number if not greater.

Iím not going to bother using anymore calculations as Iím not sure  
what the actual percentages or correct formulae are but... At the rate  
that these sites popularity are increasing and the cost of electricity  
especially in Australia most people struggle. If this is put into  
action (preferably with my name attached) each person might same  

(I have no idea of the actual extent just going by internet resources  
from ďGoogle-ingĒ (using a custom Dark theme background))
Average internet usage/week/per person * approx 75% websites white  
approx = average percent of online hours using maximum lighting energy.
(13 hrs online per week * 75/100  = 9 ĺ hrs)

9 ĺ hrs Ė a 10% reduction in white = 8.775 hrs

Think deeply about this as you may find that even you could save maybe  
$100 per year on your electricity bill by using darker monitor and  
internet settings that way the utilities wonít increase prices as much  
per year and when your children/next generations grow up they wonít  
need to pay thousands of dollars for electricity per quarter.

P.S. I will be sending a copy of this off to many popular websites so  
they maybe will help combat these problems.

Sincere regards,
                   James Minella
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