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Re: CGI Specifications and the NCSA hoohoo server

From: Ian Jacobs <ij@w3.org>
Date: Thu, 6 May 2010 12:08:44 -0500
To: "Mansfield, Kenneth" <mansfield_k@sunybroome.edu>, webmaster@ncsa.illinois.edu
Message-Id: <0491E2A9-EF83-483D-8996-37D1820C6753@w3.org>
Cc: <site-comments@w3.org>
On 6 May 2010, at 10:04 AM, Mansfield, Kenneth wrote:

> Hello.
> I have recently contacted the NCSA site regarding the unavailability  
> of the hoohoo server which hosted the CGI specifications.  As an  
> instructor at several institutions, I frequently direct my students  
> to the CGI specifications page for basic web programming information.
> In the note I received below, I was informed that the hoohoo server  
> is no longer available.  Since you link to that resource yourself (http://www.w3.org/CGI/ 
> ), I wanted to bring the situation to your attention in the hopes  
> that you may be able to obtain that content and host it yourself.

Thank you, Ken.

I'm adding the Webmaster at ncsa.illinois.edu to the thread to see if  
we can get help restoring those URIs.

There are a number of links from:

that no longer work. It would be great if the NCSA maintained those  
URIs, which have an important historical role.
I note, for instance, that there are also links from RFC 3875 [1]  
("The Common Gateway Interface (CGI) Version 1.1") that are similarly  

And also from the Apache Web site:

(which links to the W3C site)

So, I would like to see whether we can work with the NCSA to have them  
restore the URIs on their site. If that proves impossible, then  
perhaps W3C can host the resources.

Thank you,

  _ Ian

[1] http://www.ietf.org/rfc/rfc3875

> Ken Mansfield
> From: Nobody on behalf of help@teragrid.org
> Sent: Wed 5/5/2010 5:12 PM
> To: Mansfield, Kenneth
> Subject: Re: hoohoo server
> FROM: Wilson, Rolf D.
> (Concerning ticket No. 185474)
> ================================
> After some searching, I found that the hoohoo server is no longer  
> active. I do
> not know of an alternative source for the documentation that you  
> were using.
> Rolf Wilson
> NCSA/TeraGrid Operations Center
> help@teragrid.org
> Local  217 244-0710  Toll Free  1-866-907-2383

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