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Re: Feedback about beta site

From: Ian Jacobs <ij@w3.org>
Date: Wed, 16 Sep 2009 14:44:23 -0500
To: Giovanni Tummarello <giovanni.tummarello@deri.org>
Message-Id: <75AAA5C9-76E6-45AD-BCAF-A7CD52387928@w3.org>
Cc: site-comments@w3.org

On 16 Sep 2009, at 11:50 AM, Giovanni Tummarello wrote:

>> Point taken about paying for itself, although I'm not sure how many
>> organizations would choose to join because the site looks nicer. They
>> usually join because they have work they want to get done. I also  
>> think that
>> they would be happy for us to spend some more energy on tools for  
>> getting
>> work done.
> Well there are many situations where the last word is to some pointy
> hair manager who then has to report to somebody else probably even
> more cluless than him. So the tech guy(s) has to go to this fellow who
> will glance at what this is and think "can i be bragging about this" ?
> think of something inspiring that says we're the guys who created 1
> trillion dollars dollar market based on standards, some inspiring
> graphic or logo or picture whatever.

That's a good message, I agree. :)

> Be part of it. whatever else.
> pointy hair takes the point and knows that he can show it to somebody
> else in case
> have the big members and some statements about why they're in
> prominently features (e.g. fading, rotating) on the homepage.

We have the member testimonial already (and a permanent URI per company
that they can show to their customers, etc.).

>> I think that one thing that will help a lot is if we can get a few  
>> more
>> photos up. That will be possible within the current design.
>> I welcome concrete suggestions for how to _tune_ the current design.
> it is probably appropriate to remove the google logo from the top
> right (search), why endorsing a single web company.
> As project manager myself, I meant to be concrete in my original
> suggestion to use a professional.

We looked into removing the google logo and we can't according to  
their policy.

We also looked into using other search engines, but:

  * It's not really useful to people for us to offer a UI with 5  
search engines. That's what
    browsers do for you.

  * If we pick a different one we will receive the same comments  
regarding that other search engine.

So for now we've chosen to stick with what we've got recognizing that  
it is imperfect but we don't have a great solution to replace it.

  _ Ian

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