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a missing web function

From: Jacklich Jack <drjack@BetterEndo.com>
Date: Fri, 13 Apr 2007 08:52:15 -0500
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I didn't exactly know who to contact with this. Perhaps you can  
forward it to the appropriate committee or person.

I read a lot of political commentary and scientific articles on the web.

Very often they use terms that are unfamiliar, perhaps even  
abbreviations and acronyms that are particular to a group or company.

Suppose that I could create a table of definitions like:

"EEOC","Equal Employment Opportunity Committee"
"HTML","Hypertext mark up Language"
"dog", "Canine animal"
"Roosevelt", "dam" <!-- if it were an article about geology -->
"Roosevelt", "Island" <!-- if it were an article about New York City -->
"Roosevelt", "President of the U.S. in the 1930s" <!-- if it were  
about history -->

That when clicked and held could quickly display the definition as  
long as the mouse button is held down over it.

But they key would be that they don't display as links do which would  
make a document unreadable nor would they require the designation of  
the word AS a link which would make the HTML unreadable and ponderous.

It could essentially be the default for clicks i.e. instead of doing  
nothing if nothing is clicked on, it would grab the word clicked on  
and do a lookup in the table.

The table could be loaded much as CSS statements are loaded and  
retained while the document is active.

If you look back and read some of the original articles on hypertext  
before the internet that was one of the original concepts.

It would make article much more readable and encourage reading by kids.

There could even be standard dictionaries that one could link to much  
as CSS documents are included now so organizations that deal with  
technical subjects could easily include them.

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