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valid css icon: presentation and function

From: Alexander Hartemink <amink@cs.duke.edu>
Date: Thu, 04 Aug 2005 07:02:08 -0500
Message-Id: <e38d459c2304067ba0fb34cfc5ab8265@cs.duke.edu>
To: site-comments@w3.org

two quick comments:

1. my site uses both the valid-xhtml11 and valid-css icons from w3c but 
they look subtly different!  the former has the transparency done 
correctly, but the latter has some extra white pixels on the right side 
of the box that should be transparent but aren't.  this is more easily 
verified by placing the icons on a dark background.  i believe my 
browser is loading the .png files and i haven't checked the .gif files 
because i prefer .png.

2. i love the way that the valid xhmtl icon, when clicked, checks the 
"referer" so that anyone can verify that my site is valid xhtml.  but 
the valid css icon, when clicked, does not have this behavior.  rather 
than checking the refering page in a similar fashion, one must interact 
with a form and type in a uri.  would it be so hard to simply load all 
the .css files referenced in the refering page, cascade them together, 
and then validate the result (perhaps by also applying the manually 
modified style tags in xhtml elements in the refering page)?  perhaps i 
am missing something, which is certainly possible because i have not 
thought too hard about this and simply noticed that the icons behave 
differently: one cool and the other annoying.

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