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Home Loan Link Exchange

From: ibcnet <ibcnet@bcpl.net>
Date: Thu, 6 Nov 2003 21:33:14 -0500
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Looking to exchange links on high ranking sites?
Master search engine and Internet advertising expert Mark Askew shows you how 
to optimize your site for high ranking in the google search engine.

Step 1. Select two to three word keyword phrases and place them in your meta 

Step 2. Match your Site description to your title. Most if not all words 
should be the same.

Step 3. Place at least two to three thirty-word paragraphs on your home page.

Step 4. Write 8 to ten articles on various subjects related to your site title 
and link from your home page.

Step 5a. Get the google.com toolbar at http://toolbar.google.com

Step 5b. Using the PageRank feature on the google toolbar find sites that rank 
higher than 3 on the google tool bar and also offer a link exhange program.

Step 5c. Exchange links with site ranking 4 or above.

Step 6.  Watch your ranking rise in the google search engine!

To exchange links with a high ranking site go to 
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