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HTML Validator

From: Jason P. Colyer <jpcmaddog@shaw.ca>
Date: Wed, 05 Nov 2003 18:39:55 -0700
To: site-comments@w3.org
Message-id: <005e01c3a406$e46f3c00$6401a8c0@maddog01>
Hi there.
I was on you site and used your HTML Validator. I was confused by the
results. I see people that have verified their small homepages by using
your software. How ever, when you view their site in the 3 major
browsers being Internet Explorer, Netscape and Opera the sites would
look very different. Some are font errors, spacing and text positioning.
Considering I have checked over 50 sites with your software most of them
being some of the largest sites on the net, your software always finds
100's or even 1,000's of errors. So are the people that design and
maintain these sites wrong? Now I know that all browsers treat sites
differently, but sites such as cnn.com, apple.com, microsoft.com and
many other sites according to your software "fail" yet they come up
So called errors in Java Script and Data Bases seem to come up. I'll
give you a case in point. I bought a software package that makes Java
Script Menus. Now your program claims it is full of errors. Yet it works
fine on all major browsers. So am I being taken to the cleaners by the
software company? Here was their remark when I asked them.
Quote "The menu code will normally create two validation errors 
when checking the code for compliance with the HTML 
standards and this is also normal. What needs to be 
realised is that the browsers are not all fully compliant 
with the standards and the code that fails validation is 
only there to make the menu work in Netscape 4 and is 
ignored by the other browsers."
For a further test I made a simple web page in Microsoft Front Page 2000
and the same one in Macromedia Dream Weaver XP. Both pages ran fine in
all 3 major browsers with out any display errors. So I test them on your
site. On average there were 60 errors. Yet they were not the same errors
in either program.
So I used another program called "Bobby" well their program came up with
all kinds of different errors. So I tested major sites and ended up with
the same results. It seems that the true test of a site is how it
displays on a browser. If it can hold together on the major browsers
then I feel it is error free. I feel that software like yours and others
are misleading.
Jason P. Colyer
Received on Wednesday, 5 November 2003 20:41:49 UTC

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