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Re: Dish Network Free Satellite TV Dish Offers

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Date: Fri, 30 Aug 2002 00:55:48 -0700
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Dish Network Free Satellite TV Dish Offer from VMC Satellite
 Free Satellite TV Offer
* Free Installation of a Dish Network Satellite TV Dish and up to Four
* You will receive a $49.99 credit on your bill each month for 4 months to
help you get started!($199.96 in total credits will be posted to your DISH
account when you sign up for qualified programming.) Use these credits to
pay for your first three months of service (and more)![Click here to see
which packages qualify.]
* Optional Digital Personal Video Recorder!
* PVR records 60 hrs of your favorite shows without tapes! ZAP Commercials!
* Dish Network Satellite TV Dish In Home Service Plan Included.
* Plans available for up to 6 rooms!
* Over 256 channels of digital quality available.

 Schedule Your Free Satellite TV Installation From VMC Satellite Now!
Click here : http://www.geocities.com/direct_tv_satellite_dish/index.htm  Free Satellite tv

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