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From: jeff cliff <themusicgod1@thefragile.com>
Date: Sun, 17 Feb 2002 23:50:07 -0500 (EST)
Message-Id: <200202180448.g1I4mqE01496@mail21.bigmailbox.com>
To: site-comments@w3.org
('binary' encoding is not supported, stored as-is) honourable w3c representative recently i came across a website, (http://www.websitesthatsuck.com), which proudly displays a link to your validator.w3.org service, via a pretty coloured GIF style image entitled "W3C HTML 4.01" with a checkmark vaugely meaning to the viewer that the website in question(listed above), was confirmed by your service as HTML 4.01 certified. I conducted a similar profile using your service on my webpage (http://www.schnits.org/pasttense), only to discover 1) i cant code HTML very well and 2) your service does not offer an HTML 1.0 testing option (which i was aiming for with my current webpage) Thinking about this afterwards, i do realize that somewhere else on the w3c site there is a comment that HTML 1.0 is "HISTORIC". I also realize, from my own experience, that people who create webpages (other than me, i mean), are fairly hard to comeby. but I would also consider HTML 1.0 a simple, direct and easy way to learn HTML. I also equate 1.0 (i may be mistaken) with Text based browsers, which seem to be common in Linux systems, MS-DOS systems, and computers that can be afforded by those, who do not make 7,000$ more than they can spend, can afford(most of the population of the world). Perhaps a html 1.0 option on your validator wouldnt be such a bad idea? in my thinking it may be the easier to write as there would be a lot less requirements to write in. Perhaps my backwards thinking is not standard to anything, and not representative of anyone. If this is the case than merely regard my letter as a friendly suggestion(as i am not nearly proficient enough to code a validator script myself, in any language). jeffrey cliff http://www.schnits.org/pasttense ------------------------------------------------------------ Get your free Nine Inch Nails E-mail at http://www.thefragile.com/ --------------------------------------------------------------------- Express yourself with a super cool email address from BigMailBox.com. Hundreds of choices. It's free! http://www.bigmailbox.com --------------------------------------------------------------------- Received on Monday, 18 February 2002 09:41:51 UTC

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