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From: Peter Facey <pvf@ukonline.co.uk>
Date: Thu, 14 Feb 2002 17:31:18 -0500 (EST)
To: <site-comments@w3.org>
I was rather depressed browsing the w3c site. The organisation seems to be
busily producing a myriad of new standards which are no doubt technically
great fun. Meanwhile I am sitting at home wondering why Microsoft Internet
Explorer v5.5 cannot even handle

<div style="width: 150mm">

correctly. My view is that it should produce lines of text about 150mm wide
regardless of the screen resolution. But it doesn't.

I couldn't find any attempt by w3c to test browser compliance with HTML 4
(or with anything). Don't you think your organisation should make more
effort to get common browsers to comply with standards you have already
defined, rather than chasing off into the blue yonder leaving everyone else
stranded at square one?

Whilst I am about it:

1)Clicking SEARCH on the site-comments page produces an error "An HTTP error
occured while getting the requested URI."

2) I was annoyed to see browsing your mail archives that they were all
printed in font OCR A Extended which is damn-near illegible. I examined your
CSS style sheets and found you don't set the font, except generally you say
font-family sans-serif and then within PRE you say font-family monospace.
Curiously, in IE5.5, this selects OCR A. It has nothing to do with the
default fonts I have configured for IE, as they are Verdana and New Courier.
So I cannot override it.
Received on Thursday, 14 February 2002 17:39:20 UTC

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