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css pages slow

From: Jeff Stern <jastern@uci.edu>
Date: Wed, 3 Apr 2002 15:06:13 -0500 (EST)
To: site-comments@w3.org
Message-ID: <Pine.WNT.4.43.0204031157230.45-100000@pc068007.ss.uci.edu>
hi. just to let you know, i think the banner (or something else) at the
top of the CSS pages (such as at http://www.w3.org/Style/CSS)  seems to
put my Windows Internet Explorer (v. 6.0.2600.0000) (running on NT 4.0)
into a tailspin.. i get delays of minutes at a time.. it is really
frustrating, and -- for me at least -- renders the CSS pages almost
useless to do any research with.

i know it's not my net connection (on a University 10Mb/s lan with great
http-response from w3.org otherwise)..

and if i get past the top of those pages, things scroll fine and i can get
around in real time. but as soon as that upper-left-hand-corner
banner/menu is visible on my browser, everything skids into slow-mo and i
have to wait a minute or 2 just to let everything re-draw and get response
back from the browser.

anyway, just a heads-up. if you've any idea what's causing it (whether on
my end or yours) could you let me know? i'd love to be able to use the CSS
resource pages..


  Jeff Stern <jastern@uci.edu>
  Social Sciences Computing Services
  University of California, Irvine
  Irvine, CA 92697
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