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New CD-ROM Atlas of Russia - All Oblasts, Krays, and Republics

From: Marketing Data Research <mktg@mdres.com>
Date: Mon, 5 Feb 2001 20:26:23 -0800
To: <list@mdres.com>

Dear Colleague,

Subject:  New CD-ROM Atlas of Russia - all oblasts, krays,
          and republics

We have recently acquired a new, unique CD-ROM atlas of  the
Russian Federation. The atlas displays highly detailed  maps
of all oblasts, krays, and republics.

Visible details include cities, towns, and  villages;  roads
and highways; pipelines;  power  lines;  railroads;  canals;
forests; bodies of water; mountains; much  more.  Population
figures are also shown for most populated places. Additional
details are available for many  map  objects  -  e.g.,  road
coverings, route names, as well as specifics about bodies of
water and forest cover.

Map scales range from 1:200000 to 1:1000000.  All  the  maps
show longitude and latitude for any location or object.  The
atlas uses vector maps based on WGS-84 and Krasovsky systems.

We invite you to see  sample  maps  and  to  get  additional
information at our web site:


The CD-ROM atlas is in stock  and  available  for  immediate
shipment from the USA.

Please feel free to send us an e-mail or call  if  you  have
any questions.

Our customers have previously included major libraries,  map
centers, universities, international and national  agencies,
and individuals from around the world.


David C. Andresen

P.S. This e-mail is being sent to you as a person interested
in atlases and maps. If you do not wish  to  receive  future
e-mails about our map products from Russia,  please  let  us
know by return  e-mail,  and  we  will  remove  your  e-mail
address from  our  database.  Please  indicate  the  precise
e-mail address you wish us to remove.

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