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Register your business in Textile business Information warehouse / Textile Jobs and Career Point

From: Suzie Elan <support@textilepoint.com>
Date: Fri, 21 Jul 2000 18:18:04 +0550
Message-Id: <200007212317.SAA16566@jla.vsnl.net.in>
To: "site-comments@w3.org" <site-comments@w3.org>
Kind Attn: Business Management Department

Dear Sir/Madam 
I am Suzie Elan , Business Development Associate of E Textile Point. I would 
like you to 
register your business( Free of Cost ) in the Textile Point Global Textile Trade 
Info Base, which is a Global Textile business Information Warehouse.

Visit <>--- http://www.textilepoint.com --<> and register.

or just email us your complete Business Profile / offers for sale purchase of 
your products at 
Email :  <>--- register@textilepoint.com ---<>

You can also leave your sale purchase offers online at http://www.textilepoint.com 
to receive regular business queries and promote your business in the Global and 
domestic markets.

We feel the pleasure to introduce the concept of Textile Point as an environment 
where Textile Professionals works for your business development. At Textile Point, 
a Global Team of textile business professionals with multifold skills and experience 
in textile and related fields will help you in facilitating your textile-related 

How Textile Point works?

Once you are registered with us as a member (No charges for membership and the 
services) or you post your sale / purchase query (Free of charge) on the website 
http://www.textilepoint.com . We add you to the Global Textile Point Info Base 
. You will be then requested to update your information online or through email 
so that the best business queries related to your business can be forwarded to 
you regularly and best deals can be generated for you.

Who can take benefits from Textile Point ?

Textile point represents a truly integrated trade solution for use by any type 
of Textile industry, Textile Professionals, Textile Educational & Research Institutes 
, or if you have any manufacturing, selling, buying, import, export, marketing, 
trading, agency, distribution, sourcing, shipping, indenting, publishing, software, 
information technology business related to textile including or related to , 
but not limited to 

Fiber Production 
Yarn Finishing ( Doubling , Twisting, Dyeing , Finishing ) 
Fabric Finishing ( Dyeing , Printing, Finishing ) 
Apparel Cut and Sew 
Non Woven Fabrics 
Carpet Production ( tufting and weaving ) 
Non Woven ( Flet ) 
Chemicals and Dyes 
Professional and Technical services 
Educational and Technical Institutes related to textile business 

Or any business you feel is related to Global Textile Industry

Visit  http://www.textilepoint.com
Textile Point is the only Info Base where Textile Professionals sort the best 
deals for you.

Suzie Elan
Business Development Associate

Visit us at www.textilepoint.com for more information.

Note: If you are not into any Textile Business and do not want to receive the 
Latest from Textile Point, please reply to this email with " UNSUBSCRIBE " in 
the subject. We honour your email privacy.
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